When I Am Feeling Blue

All I have to do
Is take a look at…
The Sea!
Then I am not soo blue.  
[Had to sing just one more line. Now, I’ll stop]
The things I do to sing a song on this blog of mine. As an example, to sing this song, I moved to Goa. And just so that I can let you know that now, I wake up and the first thing I see is the sea. I make my morning toast while looking at the sea. I brush my teeth, and yes, the sea is to my left [I kid you not]. I work and the sea keeps time with it’s tide. I close my eyes at night and the last thing I see are the twinkling lights of the boats on the sea. Like an old sailor, I make profound announcements like Oh, the sea is calmer today or Oh, the water today is three shades of blue. No one can tell that it has just been a week that I have been in Goa. Except perhaps when I drive my car into shrubs or ditches or the one-off human drinking his morning tea at the local village chai shop, because I was so engrossed in, you know, looking at the sea.
I am settling in, my lovelies, in this coastal city. The search for a home that calls my name started earlier this year, and I wouldn’t settle until I found something that sang to me. And I realized something. As much as I love history and the old Portuguese villas that abound in Goa, I am a sucker for vistas and views. And this little studio of mine that I now call home, allows me to feel the expanse, the vastness of the ocean and the sky. That, and of course, the realization of the (im)practicalities of living in an old house over ruled my romanticism of heritage living. As so many of you have been writing in, asking me for advice, here’s what I recommend – come and spend some time exploring the city, the villages. Speak to the locals and the residents. Find your groove. Find what speaks to you; it will be different for different folks. Imagine your home with people and imagine being in that home alone. Explore the neighborhood. It’s actually such an enlightening experience to do this for yourself – you find out what really does matter when you think of your abode. This is my very first time of living on my own, that too in a completely new city, so pardon my halo which has come from the last few months of self-realization and aha moments while searching for a home in Goa!
The exciting part of settling in is always doing up the place! I brought in only books from my home in Gurgaon, so it has been a fun & tiring week shopping for everything – from kitchenware to furniture to well, pretteh stuff that has little utility except looking oh-so-pretteh. The choice of today’s rooms for this post is what has been inspiring me as I gradually do up the studio. Casual decor, low furniture, linen and more linen, a place where you walk in and can relax with salt in your hair and sand on your feet. Speaking of which, can some one please, for the love of Good Hair Days, tell me how do I manage my hair in ALL this humidity? I have gained atleast two inches in height because of what humidity does to my hair. I look in the mirror and jump for I think there is someone else in my studio with all those voluminous curls. I will be eternally grateful, my kittens, if you can let me know of some tips and tricks! Phew.
I have been click-happy with my phone and sharing the life in Goa over at instagram. Just send me a follow request and join me as I start heading out exploring the nooks and crannies of Goa starting next week. I will be more regular with my posts here as well, as I settle in and calm down after exclaiming over the excellent wifi I have managed to get here [fingers crossed!] As I announced in my previous posts, one home tour and another home tour by a photographer is baking in the oven! I will be seeing you again soon 🙂
[All images: Here & Here]


  1. Fantastic! I guess we all love Goa, but it's somehow special to see it through your eyes 🙂

  2. Love the color combos! Shows the creative side of you.

  3. Love the textures in all the bed linen featured above 🙂

  4. How beautiful written on how one should choose a house to live in. Writtings from the heart!!!

  5. How fabulous! The sea? every morning, day and night? The sea!!! I love your blog and just sent a request to follow you and your new journey in Goa on Instagram! Best Wishes in your new quest! and zest for life!!!

  6. Bhavna, this is quite the journey. I look forward to our catch up in Goa, next week.

  7. Wow, so exciting!! The sea always puts me in a good mood too! Goa, that' so exciting, glad you are enjoying it, look forward to seeing more 🙂

  8. Your blog posts are always jaw drooping! Not sure if you remember but you & I got a similar bed spread from Dastkar in Nov 2012. I totally miss shopping with you!

  9. Beautiful!

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