When the going gets tough

The tough travel!
Hello, my munchkins! How have you been?
I, after a rather public bashing of 2014, huffed and pouted, and packed my bags and went off on a trip with one of my favorite person, to a beautiful new lodge, run, by my favorite group of people. Yes, the Travel With An Indian Summer trip in the last week of February had to be postponed [didn’t I tell you that 2014 has been a rouge year so far?] but after your fortifying comments and emails and all the love, I went ahead and spent a few blissful days at Pugdundee’s Denwa Back Water Escape in the Satpura Wild Life sanctuary.   
And what a brilliant decision it turned out to be! A river in your backyard, a jungle you can walk into, miles and miles of mustard fields and golden wheat, birds and more birds where ever you look, stories of sloth bears and the thrill of spotting leopards, an early morning packed breakfast at the most pristine spot in the jungle, jeep safaris and bicycles rides, dinner under the stars, oh and, the luxury of your abode! Pugdundee Safaris has yet again surpassed itself when it comes to designing and building a lodge that is not only beautiful to look at, but also uber comfortable and it surprises and delights you at every step. Did I mention the meals? Oh, the meals! We ate and ate, marveled at the beautiful plating and the delicious desserts, all while taking in the wild surroundings just outside the window.

Sigh! You know now why I keep heading back to the jungle with Pugdundee Safaris. It’s like wine for the soul. [yeah, not in the mood for chicken soup just yet]. And yes, I will announcing another trip soon where you can join me! It will be shorter trip than the last time, yet still full of unique experiences and adventures. Wait a week, and I’ll let you know all the details! 🙂

I had a field time clicking pictures…these are some of my favorite shots from the trip. 
There’s another very exciting news I have to share with you
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[All Images: Mine/An Indian Summer]


  1. Looks wonderful – thank you for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous Bhavna, how do you outdo yourself every time?

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