When Fishes Fly

They are called Flying Fish!
Excuse the inane joke, but it’s friday today!
And I am not only Friday evening happy
But also glitter and all-things-shiny happy
Gorgeous jewels
From Nitika Bose
One lovely pair of earrings to giveaway!
Flying Fish is Nitika Bose’s world of whimsical and exquisite jewels, designed for the contemporary woman, and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. I love the attention to detail in each of her beautifully designed unique pieces. Crafted in sterling silver and gold plated with 18k or 24k gold, I can see myself wearing these jewels with both traditional Indian dresses and western outfit. It’s just a question of how to pick and choose from among the many many lovely designs!
~ The GiveAway ~
Nitika would love to giveaway this exquisite pair of silver earrings to one lucky An Indian Summer reader, from anywhere in the world! That’s right – all readers of An Indian Summer are invited to participate!
All you need to do to enter:
1. Click right here, and leave a comment. In the comment, use the words Flying and Fish. Tell us a story around the words, or a song, or a poem, a haiku, a joke – anything! Make sure you are logged into facebook to leave the comment.
2. To double your chances, you can leave another comment on the post on Flying Fish’s facebook page too!
3. And, if you are feeling specially creative, leave a third comment on this post
4. That’s it. Winner will be announced next friday –  Nov 22nd, on facebook.
What a happy Friday!
Right? 🙂
[All Images: Flying Fish. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. Winner of the An Indian Summer Nitika Bose-Flying Fish give away is Danielle Winter from Germany. Thank you for your vibrant imagery! Please write to me at flyingfishaccessories@gmail.com with your contact details and mailing address.
    "Friday flew by, flying past me, i looked from my spot in the bright blue sea, I spotted a fish, who spotted a wave, we rode it together, until the next day. who knew that a wish and a fish so true, would go flying together in a sky of blue."
    Look out for a pair of birds flying your way 🙂

  2. Flocks of flying fish against crimson sky;
    Make us cry with joy.
    Sure, there is hope.
    Life is mortal and days are numbered.
    We are offspring of the Light and the Joy.
    Give us the holy courage to stand deceit with ease Let’s have Peace!
    Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!

  3. Whisper sweet nothings into my ear, little fish,
    mesmerize me with your diamond scales.
    Promise me wild treasures from the heart of the sea,
    And I'll forget you once went flying, away from me.

  4. Flying fish swimming in the clouds like a magic dream! 🙂

  5. Nice post & jewelry.
    I wonder if a fish could fly, how the sky would be; with all the fishes flying.

  6. So pretty !!
    One fish , Two fish, Red fish , Blue fish, some swim and some even fly … oops these are flying blue birds !!!

  7. these blue finned fish are silver skinned, their fleeting and flying does not end,
    where will they land, is anyone's guess, upon whose ears will they take rest.

  8. these blue eyed fish, are silver skinned, their fleeting, flying, does not end.
    where will they land, these flying fish, upon whose ears will they bless.

  9. these blue eyed fish, are silver skinned, their fleeting, flying, does not end.
    where will they land, these flying fish, upon whose ears will they bless.

  10. Here's my story of a flying fish with luminous wings:A shark invited a fish for dinner. Little did it know that this fish was magical. The fish wore a shimmering dress and powdered its nose.Fearless, it went to meet the shark.The evil shark was planning to devour the fish. But as the shark came closer and closer the fish realized its intentions. It started flying with a flap of its luminous wings.

  11. Pooja

    Love the jewellery.
    What a day it would be, birds preening in the sea, fish flying in the sky, and only dust to remember us by.

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