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Sheer simplicity
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For your viewing pleasure

Sheer simplicity, is exactly what I love about these rooms and spaces, photographed by the brilliant photographer Enrique Menossi. No grand furniture pieces, no statement art, no rich embroidered textiles or expensive rugs – just plain simple aesthetics of color and texture working together to create beautiful livable spaces.

Ooh…look at all the linen bed furnishing in these bedrooms…
simple, yet so very elegant


[All images: Menossi Fotografo]


  1. omg! how absolutely beautiful! totally inspiring rooms – i could lose myself for hours in every single one!

  2. awesome loved every pic thy r so inspirational…


  4. Luved all of them ,so full of life

  5. Oh, I love the tassled runner and napkins – totally gorgeous! And the matting on the ceiling in the bedroom. Beautiful.

    Thanks for posting. And Happy Blogging Anniversary!

  6. These are gorgeous! Those bathrooms are unbelievable. Very impressive.


  7. It's so simple n elegant just the way the farmhouse should be… Love it

  8. Sheer brilliance in everything shot, arranged and composed, chose, everything! and of course salaam for sharing such simplistic joy.

  9. Bonjour! greetings from a French girl who lives in Southern California love love & I enjoy tremendously your blog … always fantastic pictures what an amazing journey.. merci!

  10. such a beautiful series of shots, thanks for sharing! I am in love with the tablecloth and napkins especially… perfect for summer!

  11. Bhavana, you are awesome 🙂

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