Wave, Wave, Wave

That’s me waving at you saying, Hello! When I last saw you, it was summer and woah, I skipped a season and here we are, gearing up to welcome winter. I have been busy with interesting things, which very soon, I will share with you here, but I must tell you that not a day passes without me thinking about you. I save inspiration, visuals, words, anything and everything that inspires me, knowing that you might enjoy them too. I now have so much saved up that I must come back to this blog more regularly and share gorgeous posts with you every week, if not more frequently. Hold me to it, alright? Send me wagging fingers and tch tchs if I do not show up in due course of time.

Today, sharing a bunch of beautiful rooms, that mark the end of autumn and beginning of winters for me. As I look through what I collected for you, I see myself veering again towards cottage-y decor – more and more, a home that’s cozy and well lived in, is what is appealing to me. Let’s see what else the future posts bring!

See you sooner than you expect! 🙂

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