Wash away..

..your monday blues


…on a Tuesday morningIn bathrooms inspired by India.

[Image courtesy: Debi Treloar, Indenfor, Paul Massey Photography, Maryam]


  1. Oh I just so want those sinks in the last couple of photos. So beautifully crafted. Do raised sinks protect the countertop from getting soaked? Our countertops are always getting completely wet from all the splashing…we have a 'lowered sink', I believe that's the technical term =). Perhaps we should upgrade?? Love your new blog by the way. A beautiful collection that reflects YOU.

  2. I found you while doing a search on Indian Summer for a post I am working on. Wow, I love everything here!

  3. You have such a nice blog with amazing pictures!! Feel so inspired now to make something more out of my apartment:-)Great work!

  4. Beautifully inspired images!

  5. Oh my, I like your amazing, nice & gorgeous blog!

    Regards from Agneta in Sweden o;)

  6. I cant pick which one I like more.

  7. Now … to start thinking of how I am going to start knocking of that builder bathroom … Hmmm ! …inspired and builder struck … thanks Bhavna … your inspiration is already helping in my house hunt …

  8. You have such pretty pictures on your blog!!

  9. hello! just came across your lovely blog.

    I have an indian friend who has a bathroom sink really similar to those in your pictures. its gorgeous! is that an indian design/style?

  10. Oh, I'm smitten. xoxo

  11. Simply suberb… Love how the laddar is used.. The colors are blissful!!! So inspring.. Thanks for sharing them all!!

  12. love these inspiring indian bathrooms

  13. Beautiful vew, congratulations of Brasil.

  14. So warm and uplifting, the first one is my favourite from this set. I love the way the katori-choli has been used as a decor element.



  15. So nice to see Indian inspired bathrooms. Gives me a few ideas to try out locally. The color is a refreshing change from all those (lovely, but…) Scandinavian white bathrooms that populate the decor blogosphere.

    Thanks for this and looking forward to more India inspired pics.

  16. These pics are SPLENDID – what an inspiration!

  17. thank goodness for tuesdays… i love everything about the second pic especially how the little table stands out against the white.

  18. the sink is the fourth pic is amazingly beautiful…

  19. I am lucky enough to have a bathroom not so far off from your 3rd photo.
    A limestone room-with-in-a-room, where I painted the remaining walls "Tiffany" turquoise. The best match.
    Some Indian inspired mirrors master out the magic trick. Be well.

  20. Wow lovely 🙂
    Aspects I especially loved:
    The clothes hooks in the first pic
    The gorgeous side table in the 2nd
    Greenery of the cactus in the 3rd
    Ah, the candle stand in the 4th
    & the brass flower pot in the last.

    In total……..I guess I loved it all.

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