Visual Therapy

You know what it feels like when you lie down, and cover your eyes with soft cotton wool, soaked in cool rose water? You feel the coolness seep in, your breathing becomes calmer, your mind pauses it’s constant chatter and gently, you relax. That’s exactly what I feel when I soak in visual imagery. The calmness and aesthetics of beautiful images, speak and do more than words can, many a times.
So, after a tumultuous January, an unexpected February, a frenetic yet fun March, I decided to spend this first day of April, indulging in some visual therapy. I don’t have a story to tell, a post to write or a message to convey. Just some ‘cool’ image collages I made, to inspire me, and to inspire you. 
Oh, and what is relaxation without music? 
Listen to this, as you stroll through the rest of the post
It’s my current favorite piece of music to listen to 🙂
You have a good day/evening and a restful night tonight folks! 🙂
[Images from following tumblr blogs: 1, 2, 3, 4


  1. Every single project that you post is simply divine! WE LOVE!

  2. always a pleasure to come back… when is the next post bhavna?


  3. The title of this page is apt to be precise. Undoubtedly, it is actually a "Visual Therapy!" Beautifully put together the pictures and words, it's just so pretty! I myself am into creative stuff, love doing things with the cushions, wall hangings, photo frames and a huge huge fan of chemical free reed diffusers which i buy from ! Sometimes these little things bring about a drastic change in the way a house looks. Whenever I feel like giving my house a makeover, the things that I work upon are door mats, cushions, wall hangings, wind chimes, change the curtains and give them a bold and bright colour. Small things like these keeps you happy and feel good about the place you reside at! 🙂

  4. Such beautiful colors, gorgeous rich textures, pretty succulents and soothing music!! A treat to my eyes and ears -Thanks Bhavna 🙂

  5. This is a very inspiring post! 🙂 All those vibrant colours & beautiful shapes!!!
    I hope you were able to take some Rest.

    Follow the Royal Peach

  6. I read the blog while sipping peppermint tea and listening to Beegie Adair ….as recommended …..was transported to another world . You create the most beautiful escapes for the soul , Bhavna . Priya

  7. Lovely! What is the music—-it is sooooo sweet! Thanks for posting all these goodies.

  8. Absolutely beautiful !

  9. This was really so soothing. Blissful content seeping beneath the skin with every word, every image ! Loved the post !

  10. Such beautiful curation, B! -Minu, RoadsWellTraveled

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