Vintage Love

I am tripping over these vintage, antique/flea market finds I discovered on Instagram through this account. I have a soft corner [make that a really large corner] for old things and whenever I scout around antique markets, I spend hours talking to the sellers about the stories behind the memorabilia they are selling. What also drew me to these specific set of images is the impeccable styling and the distinctive feminine touch in each.

Sigh, such soothing inspiration for a month that has been anything but calm, what with the fury of monsoon all over the country. Join me in my moment of repose, and breathe in these beautiful visuals..

There is a fabulous home tour coming up later in the week. Will see you then!

{Image Credits: Below each image}

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  1. Loving each and every piece featured in this post! And absolutely can’t wait to see your home tour <3

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