Victor Stonem

When you find images you want to live in. Gently step into them and savour the aesthetics and soak in the mood. Pictures that make you want to know more about the spaces and the people who live in these spaces. Such are the images clicked by Victor.

Victor Stonem, a photographer from the Dominican Republic, specializes in still life, spaces, travel and story telling. I love the composition of his frames and the mood they permeate. His work is like a soothing balm, and, as he and I chatted, I picked out some of my favorites from Victor’s prolific portfolio, for you.

In Victor’s words:

I have been taking pictures for almost 10 years now! My dad got me my first DSLR camera at the age of 14 and since that moment I’ve never stopped. My favorite subjects are still life and spaces. I’ve always been attracted to objects and the natural or fabricated relation we have to them as human beings, I think there’s something poetic about the way we use our everyday things to tell a story of who we are, also there’s a whole spectrum of possibilities when it comes to shooting still life, like telling color or textures stories, etc.

In an interior space, what attracts me most are the layers! I love finding different textures and colors in a space. Also I love the story each place has to tell and how we interact with space and make it something truly ours.

I find my inspiration in many things. Reading, watching films, visiting museums and galleries and having uplifting and intense conversations with my friends and family about culture, the arts or simply everyday life. I think its important to be surrounded by people who share similar ideas and always try to push your limits creatively. I also like getting lost in the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo (my city) to get inspired, the more you walk, the more you find something that’s unexpectedly beautiful or inspiring.

[All images: Victor Stonem]

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