Truly Asia..

Bensley Design Studio, focused on landscape, interiors and architecture, has executed multiple projects in Asia, primarily in the South East Asian countries.

Bill, the man behind BDS and a dedicated Asian-phile, has traveled extensively around the region, and continues to study and adapt his work to the unique characteristics and cultures of these countries

Presenting selected snapshots of the design studio’s work in the residential space:
Aqua lovers – this one is for you!

Imagine your morning cuppa or evening chai in this gazebo..

Quite like how three different light ‘forms’ play in this room – Sunlight, gentle glow from the candles and light from the chandelier
Handy oars…you never know when you might need to row a boat in your dream!

Chuck your food processor out! Time to grind and mince and roll in these stone urns…

Dainty dressing corner

The colorful table and the alfresco setting reminds me of summer vacations…

Indian influence seen in the furniture

Mmm…love the color and texture combinations here

Isn’t the color combination eye catching? As is the shape of these cushions
Where do I start? The door, and the color of the door, the window frame, the texture of the pot, the profusion of colorful flowers against the stone wall…just perfect!

Quick glimpses of beautiful interiors

Mr.Bull – looks like you have been sitting still for too long! The elephants, with very typical Asian umbrellas – this one is for Courtney

The horse rider almost seems alive in this lilac setting!

Wooden statue, mini throne and wooden dragons at loggerheads!

See more of BDS’s work here



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  2. WOW! this is all so beautiful. your blog is really lovely!

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  5. Bhavna, both our blogs have been mentioned by ‘maydecember home’ a fellow blogger & I just posted about that where i said, your blog has the best eyecandy around- Its true. Rocking post!

  6. I love visiting your blog-so inspiring. I hope to visit India someday……..


  7. I could get lost in these photos, Bhavana! Beautiful, beautiful!

  8. Katie and Jenn – Thank you ladies! Glad you liked the post 🙂

    Welcome to An Indian Summer Nora and Monica! And thank you for your sweets comments! 🙂

  9. Thanks Maddie! It actually makes me feel extremely good that there are soo many artisans and so much creativity out there waiting to be discovered!

    Robyn – Do visit their website..I know you will like all the other landscaping they have worked on 🙂

  10. Welcome to An Indian Summer, Susan! Love how you described these images – ‘joyful interiors: Bold and restful’… Hope to *hear* from you again!

    Glad you liked it Arch! 🙂

  11. You are welcome Courtney! :)Elephants are considered one of the major icons in Asian traditions and crafts, so you will see them everywhere..

    I think moving to India is such a good idea Jessica 🙂

  12. Hello Kate! Actually winters are a really good time to visit South East Asia and India 🙂

    Thanks Constance! Just getting the tea ready… 😉

  13. wow -the first two images are gorgeous! i want to be there right now.


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  16. Paradise! It is all so beautiful. Thanks Bhavna!

  17. Love this post Bhavna, the garden shots are wonderful. 🙂

  18. You always find such fabulous
    artisans! I loved the pretty
    set table and the wood statue:)

  19. Fantastic find Bhavna!

  20. I’m not sure what words to use to describe such beauty. Such joyful interiors. Bold and restful all at once, it seems.

  21. oh, what i wouldn’t give to be there right now! this is *gorgeous.* i am in love with your blog and want to move to india immediately. thanks for posting on my blog so i could find yours!

  22. Oh so many lovely things to absorb!! LOVE the elephants with umbrellas 🙂

    Thanks for the sweet shout-out.

  23. Oh so beautiful Bhavana! I love your India so much! Yes, I want to take tea with you in that little gazebo!
    Thank you for stopping by!
    Have a wonderfully creative Day!


  24. So tranquil, makes me want to take off and travel before winter starts.


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