A tribute

Exactly a week ago, I watched dumbfounded as mindless terror unfolded in Mumbai. We spent our last two days in London watching the live coverage and feeling desperate anger and frustration. As hours after hours passed, concern for family and friends in Mumbai was followed by fear and prayers for the innocent hostages and the brave commandos who were facing the terror firsthand. My heartfelt tribute to all those who lost their lives or lost some one they knew in this horrific and cowardly attack. And a salute to the brave commandos and firemen who put their lives in danger to save many.And, I fervently hope that all the countries get together to root out the perpetrators of such terror worldwide, and finish them. Once and for all. [Image from Reuters]


  1. This photo almost makes it seem surreal like a movie. It is certainly hard to beleive it is real. I send my deepest sympathy and well wishes to all affected.

  2. Terrorism is fast becoming a world wide phenomenon. Unless all the countries come together, there is no way this act can be brought under control.

  3. Alrats

    Love Love Love India! My thoughts go out to all the friends and family who lost love ones. I will forever hold a place in my heart for Mumbai and the wonderful people.

  4. I have been followinn India and the terrible things happening in Mumbay with a very sad heart.

  5. Sigh… We live in such a violent world… I don’t think it will ever end, but I do believe that each of us can bring our piece of good, too. It’s just so sad to watch all this destruction and loss of life. My thoughts are with them, too.

  6. I wish that the day will coming soon when all humans had learned their lesson about all the horrible things that happened the last centuries in the world. The truth is that probably always a few left who don´t want to learn their lesson….
    My mind is with those familys who lost a member or friends in Mumbai last week.

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of India. This madness has got to stop. These people need to stop these senseless killings.

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