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Will travel together!
I couldn’t have found a better way to kickstart the new year. A journey designed and created, especially for An Indian Summer and my readers! Do you remember the fabulous trip I had with Pugdundee Safaris last Oct? I had such a great experience overall – the beautiful long drive between the two forest reserves, the stunning luxury lodges, wildlife safaris, photography, village walks and interaction with craftsmen, shopping at local bazaars, discovering tribal art and craft at the lodges and the stories behind their origin, excellent food and service, and the many brilliant conversations. And now, I have the opportunity to experience all of this and more, with you
You are invited to join me on a journey of discovery, adventure and luxury, to Satpura National Park and Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. Designed to include many interesting experiences, beyond just wildlife safaris, it’s the perfect itinerary for you and me. Click on the image below to get an overview of this upcoming journey:   
You can find the details of the itinerary right here
The good folks at Pugdundee Safaris will be able to assist you in whatever way you desire to help you plan and book your trip
Write to them if you have any questions or need any support with the logistics
And drop in an email to me if you would like to chat with me about this trip 🙂
Do decide quickly though
To keep the entire experience memorable, the group size will be quite small
Make sure you are not late in joining me on this incredible journey!
Book here!
[All images: An Indian Summer. See more pictures from my last trip here]


  1. I like India 🙂

  2. Bhavna, thanks for sharing your amazing and adventurous trips with us out here. I really love the way you excite readers with your eye-catchy images and beautiful description about the places you visit. I wish I could afford to visit places so frequently.

  3. This is wishlist worthy, definitely trying Pugdundee Safaris. Thanks for the review here!

  4. It looks so gorgeous and sounds super amazing! 🙂 I am sharing it on my blog and Facebook page.

  5. wow girl….i actually am going to india this year…but one day a trip with you would be amazing!

  6. Wow.. this sounds very tempting. I just got back from my holiday… and now you make me wish to go on another one.. I don't think I have told you this.. but I love your blog. It's the prettiest one that I have seen and I have seen many. 🙂

  7. Happy New Year! Wonderful photos and idea!

  8. I WISH I could come with you, but I am from the West coast of British Columbia, and it is just too far. One day I will get to India……

  9. Incredible ! Makes me want to drop everything on my plate RIGHT NOW and join you!!

  10. Chaitali

    Hey Bhavna… Happy new year! What a great idea and such beautiful photographs! Gosh you really make everything look pretty! 🙂

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