1. Really very beautiful decorating! I love this……..

  2. Anonymous

    Gorgeous! oh my god remind me india summery breeze nights.just luv all of the pictures .

  3. Beautiful and amazing photos, thanks so much for posting!

  4. I love all of the beautiful pictures of your home! Your decorating style is so delightful!

    Deirdre G

  5. Oh goodness, they are all so pretty! I especially love that hanging swing though, looks like an ideal way to spend a summer night.

  6. Thank you all so much! It's incredible to hear from you from different parts of the world..you guys are my sunshine 🙂

    P.S: Ima..thanks for letting me know! I am trying to figure this one out, though google seach hasn't been very helpful. I am in any case thinking of redesigning and re-formatting the blog..maybe that might help.

  7. Anonymous

    I have recently discovered your blog and it's a must visit ever since! it is absolutely amazing and indian decor is breathtaking. Thanks sooo much for your time and dedication. EXCELLENT WORK. Patricia from Argentina 🙂

  8. These photos are absolutely stunning

  9. Great posts…love the pics

  10. love, love, love the inlay work…stunning.

  11. Anonymous

    OMG . That nook with the single large window is soo dreamy!!

  12. I always enjoy visiting your site. I'm delighted by all these colors and gorgeous interiors.You are my number one favorite blog!… thanks so much
    Sylvie from france…

  13. My heart skips a beat…. so beautiful!!

  14. Gorgeous! Now I'm going to get some flowers to float!

  15. Yup. Thats done the trick. Sooo beautiful. Oh to be in that hanging chair on this rainy/sleeting Monday

  16. Ima

    So beautiful! Definitely helps in these cold times.

    Btw, I'm reading your posts on my LiveJournal friends page (kind of like a RSS reader I guess) and the images you post always brim over to the posts beneath. Is it something fixable?

    Thank you for an amazing blog!

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