Tiger tiger burning bright,,,

In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?


Jungle. Deep and dark. Place where you go to be one with nature. Try to survive. And rough it out.
Did you say rough it out?
Nah! Not any longer!


If Taj Safaris had their way, Jungles would be the most luxurious places pretty soon! Here, let the national bird of India (see below) and the national animal of India (see below the first below) take you on a tour of Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary and Pench national park


For the .001% folks who just went ‘duh?’!: A Peacock and Tigers!


I am just wild about this lounge!
hee hee…i am so p(f)un(n)y


Watering Hole for the Homo sapiens

Wow! I never knew charpai’s can make such cool lounge cots!

And if you recall what a charpai is from one of my previous posts, please pat your back…I am so proud of you!

Just in case Moi Lady would prefer a table and a chair..

I am sure the lovely burnt orange will not attract hungry tigers..um…yes..I think I am quite sure. Though, you make sure you have your alarm timer set for every 10 mins…

Ah! This is much better! An elevated day bed. Now, who has ever seen a tiger jump?!
And in any case, Mr. Tiger has been warned not put his dirty paw on the mattress!

Slumber in peace under the watchful eye of the lady in the Pichwai painting

Oh well! You don’t think the lady could protect you from Tiger dreams? Well, here, these two metal figurines will keep you safe


Wake up refreshed with sunlight streaming through as you soak in petal filled tub

And start the dawn with a cuppa of tea….or a hookah!


And, be off to the meet the elusive tiger with the help of the elephant and his mahout


Good! While you visit me, let me visit your luxurious lodge. I wouldn’t have known that some thing like this existed in MY jungle, until I read it in this blog called An Indian Summer!
hee hee..what a shameless plug! That too on my own blog!

Are you coming??

I will. As soon as I get rid of this blistering pair of air gherkins!
And No. I don’t read Tintin! Hmmph.

All images from Taj Safaris



  1. Bhavna, it’s beautiful: I see yo are giving us some real safari competition 🙂

  2. Consider me there! You outdid yourself with this one…gorgeous, gorgeous photos. What an absolute dream!

  3. Such beauty and adventure! I wich I had lots of $ and courage to travel all of the time!

  4. A feast for the eyes, as always!

    Thank you!

  5. Bhavna, you really mustn’t do this! I’ve just returned from a break & here u are showing these pics- man, have some mercy! those beds…!!! awesome.

  6. Maybe we can plan a trip together Joni 🙂

    And Gillian should join us too! 🙂

  7. Thanks Manika! Yes, it is on cards for next year 🙂

  8. Bhavna
    You outdid yourself!!! Wonderful images. The elephant, my god that is beautiful.
    The day bed, yum!
    And the watering hole. IT’s calling my name.

  9. Bhavna- omg – this is the most beautiful place! Wow!!! Great post-I really love the bedrooms. I would love to visit one day!

  10. Very, very nice, Bhavna!!! I just LOVE this post – it’s beautiful and so p(f)unny! Really nice find…have you actually been there yet? I’m sure it’s on the cards anyway!

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