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Tibet. The land of Buddha. The land of peace. Embroiled now in a strife, that we all hope ends. Ends with the hope of Tibet regaining its freedom. Not just freedom of state, but also freedom of thought, freedom of expression and the freedom to nurture its ancient culture and heritage.




One exquisite, but rare artifact from Tibet is its furniture. The average Tibetan household never had much furniture, and whatever furniture was crafted, was crafted for the monasteries and the royalty. A lot of original pieces were destroyed during the cultural revolution, but you can find original antiques through some genuine dealers. It’s a question of debate whether these dealers are profiteering from Tibetan heritage or in a way actually helping preserve Tibetan heritage that would otherwise have been lost. Reproductions can of course be found more commonly in the market these days

Tibetan furniture typically had only a few utility items. You will find Buddhist altar tables, storage cabinets, Choyon trunks, Chosom stands and scripture boxes. All of these items are used by lamas (monks) in the monasteries


As I appreciate the beauty of these hand painted pieces of art, I also say a silent prayer in support of Tibet and its people..

[Images from Baronet 4 Tibet]


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  1. So good to read your note David. It's heartening to know about the various activities you support in Tibet!

  2. Just ran across your blog with beautiful images. You made the comment about possible profiteering by selling the Tibetan furniture and antiques. The answer is yes I make a profit from selling it. I also help to fund a Tibetan nomadic NGO with part of the profit http://www.Dron-me-association.org The Tibetans welcome me into the monasteries and their homes, I pay the prices they ask for their items and find additional work for the monks. Through Dron-me the business supports 8 orphans, we help 12 students at university with scholarships, and help 325 children at a boarding school for nomadic children, we also have two clinic we support, the list goes on, but you get the idea.
    thank you for linking to our site.

  3. pia

    wow i had no idea you were posting about tibet too, this is awesome! i love tibetan furniture!

  4. the furniture pieces are stunning pieces of art.
    so colorful & happy. i too pray for peace for these suffering tibetan’s.

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous!!! I’m an absolute fan of Tibetan furniture & thanx for sharing these brilliant pictures here with us. And may there be peace in Tibet.

  6. Erinn, the trip would be worth it! 🙂

    Umm…very well said LBE..

  7. Thanks for dropping by Rebecca! 🙂

    More power to peace Gillain!!

  8. Yup, they are gorgeous Masala Chai! The real antique ones are worth quite a packet, but the reproductions if done well look very nice too.

  9. So much talent and care in each piece; the most amazing thoughts were experienced during the painting. That soul then is part of the furniture. Imagine that.

  10. I have longing to travel for a couple of months around Asia and Tibet is on the top of my list. What gorgeous colors. Thanks for sharing these.

  11. I think of them often too, I hope the situation resolves for Peace. They deserve their peace and freedom back.
    The furniture is so colourful, hopeful in itself. Why would you want to squash a culture that is so beautiful as this one???

  12. What beautiful, beautiful pieces! Lovely!

  13. Wow these are mind blowing. I would LOVE to buy a piece. Gorgeous. Great find.

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