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One of the best things about writing a blog is that you get to know and meet exceptionally creative and interesting people. Thiru and I connected late last year and he shared his impressive portfolio with me. I was thrilled to see many of my favorite images from various residences and boutique design resorts in his portfolio – Thiru has been photographing for some of the top design and travel magazines for years now. His photography portfolio not only covers interiors but a wide array of editorial, travel, food, street and personal photography. Apart from photography, Thiru also runs the creative design agency, White Light Design, that he co-founded in 2004.


In Thiru’s own words: 

are certain places and moments in life, which transcend beauty, as we know it.
Most of my photos are grounded in these instances. I look for the unguarded
moment, the inner beauty. My genre of photography intends to show different
spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, and at other times
microscopic. I’m excited about life, travel and photography. I have been taking
pictures for the past 12 years. In all these years there were times when I
thought I had something extraordinary. Sometimes I was fooled that what I
thought was great turned out to be not so great and there were other times when
the not so great pleasantly surprised me.

has taught me to be patient but more importantly to apply myself. The more I
applied myself and interacted with the world around me, the better I got. It
has taught me to let go of the preconceptions of what I was expecting to get,
or want to get, and just react to the natural world. In other words to let
those things that are on the inside come out. To me photography draws upon who
we are and the life views that we hold. It’s an interpretation of our
sensibilities and our relationship with the world. It is a mirror to what we
love and fear, and it provides opportunities to explore subjects one might be
too timid to explore without the excuse of a camera.


View more of Thiru’s beautiful images right here. Also, take a look at the brilliant, The Deconstruction Project, a spatial experiment using photo art installations, designed and curated by Thiru and Vikrant Sharma.
Thanks Thiru, for sharing your work with us! 
[All Images Copyright: Thiru S, Elle Decor India, Styling by Sonia Dutt]
Coming up later this week and next, showcase posts featuring new designers and stores, and a bunch of lovely giveaways!  
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  1. wow!!every picture is really worth a thousand words!!thanx for sharing!

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  4. The images are simply gorgeous!

  5. Love the eye candy….and I do agree, thanks to blogging have met so many like minded people

  6. wonderful images! thanks for bringing this to us.


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