This Time For Africa

It’s been some time. Several weeks. Around two months since I last spoke to you here, on the blog. It was an unplanned, unintentional break and not a pleasant one. But now, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel has been spotted and after days and nights of heart wrenching turbulence, things have finally calmed down, for better. I am breathing again and my lost mojo is knocking at the door, tempting me with far away places and exotic imagery. 
I chanced upon Africa Moon a couple of days back and got lost in the stunning visuals. It was the spark that I needed to reignite my creative soul. I put together some visual boards to inspire me and hope they inspire you too!    
Sigh. Sometimes all you need, are some pretty pictures.
[All Images: Africa Moon]
I will be seeing you a lot more in the coming weeks before my wandering feet set off for the next round of travel. As always, I have been sharing all the goodness I come across on AnIndianSummer@Instagram. Oh and, I have a treat for my readers who are also cat lovers and/or illustration lovers – my other Instagram account – Catlustration. For the love of furballs, do take a look 🙂
And and, last few hours left for entering the giveaway to win a gorgeous cashmere scarf from Chobhi. Make sure you follow An Indian Summer on facebook and twitter so as to not miss out some fabulous giveaways coming up.
See you again soon!


  1. Sooo glad you are back!!!
    I love this latest post…going back to study the pictures again.

  2. welcome back! best wishes from germany….christina

  3. That is a wonderful mood board you have created.. African designs have a very quirky charm that i seem to like. Hoping to see your posts more often 🙂

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