This room..

…is one of my favorite rooms of all time!

It’s from the oh-so-beautiful home of Roman Alonso, the creative director at Commune, and photographed by the very talented Amy Neunsinger. I love the warmth in the room, the many art frames, the fabulous colors on the rugs and furnishings, the linen blinds…it is just about perfect as a cozy living room. Amy’s rest of the portfolio is also a sheer visual delight, sure to make peeps like us very happy! Take a look at some of my favorites from her site…




[All images: Amy Neunsinger; Link Reference and fifth pic from here]


  1. Love love love the room – everything about it! Gorgeous rugs and the frames on the floor add such a warm feeling to the room. Thanks for sharing Bhavna!

  2. Dear 'Anon', appreciate your little note. Please leave a name and an email ID so that I could get more feedback and details from you. Thanks!

  3. Luved the decor nd evrything

  4. Very cool post!

  5. Sangita Pillai

    just awesome- the rugs, the colours, the warmth, just makes it feel so comfortable…

  6. Anonymous

    what fabulous spaces!great post!

  7. Anonymous

    not bad, but a bit cluttered and too much goin on you really dont know what. and whats with the photo frames on the floor.. looks quite unfinished and like there is no space on the wall… can nvr understand how that can be a part of 'decor', hey how you gonna dust or vacuum your house with so many things lying on the floor.. decor should also be practical.

  8. i have a picture of a detail of your favorite room that I just love- and the room as a whole is lovely!

  9. that is so gorgeous. thanks for a lovely post!

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