..Of the retail kind!
Time to loosen your purse strings
For spring collections are in stores!
Take a look at some of my favorites from:

…and Toast
I think I love Toast’s catalogues, even more than their products!
[All images: Plümo and Toast]


  1. Thank you! Nothing beats some window (virtual) shopping, right? 🙂

    Devika: You can buy them by going to their site – Plumo and Toast (links in the post). Just check though if they deliver to where you live

  2. Devika Deshmukh

    Your blog is one of the most beautiful blog on interior decoration. I havent seen anything like this before. Everytime I go thru ur blog Im tempted to buy. I especially loved the bird pens here. If I want to purchase them how do I go about it? Great job!

  3. Loved the spoons, they are gorgeous!

  4. Hello there! I just found your pretty and cool blog.
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    Just let me know; I hope you don't think that I'm rude 🙂
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  5. beautiful! I love the bird pens!

  6. Oh My – pure eye candy!

  7. Inspiration!!!! Oh! so many ideas just jumping off the page! Love those bold Indian prints…Kutch embroidery, lush combined with spartan…eye candy for days right here:)

  8. Oh wow, so much gorgeousness in 1 post!!! I totally can't pick a fave.

  9. Dee

    You have a fabulous and inspiring blog. I've been reading for quite some time now! I love anything India-inspired.

  10. Nea

    the spoons / forks are wonderful!! ^-^

  11. Equally enamored with both Toast and Plumo. The carved utensils are so perfect for patio dining. They just have that vibe!


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