Them Blues

I have got the blues
The many shades of blue
The many moods of blue
From the faintest blue
To the deepest darkest hue
This post was blue
I need the sun
We need the sun
And warmth, that is true
This new year began a month too soon.
The End.
Your truly,
The mega furball
{I conveniently pass on the blame credit for the above inane ditty to my boy cat who is stuck to me like a giant fuzzy magnet these days, for where I go, the heater goes. Yes, I am cold. And blue. So my post will be abrupt and such. Send some warmth my way if you would like me to be my regular articulate & chirpy self. Thank you}
[All images: Pinterest. Extreme Poetry: An Indian Summer]


  1. like the brick wall and the curtains.Great selection of color! 🙂

  2. Me encanta tu papel de pared!!! Soy amante de la decoración me paso muchas horas leyendo las nuevas posibilidades que existen para decorar mi casa.

  3. Nothing's here to stay.. The blues come to cleanse our palate (or palette!)… to renew our romance with the warmer hues, each year! Shake it off, I say.

  4. I think a visit to B'bay should warm up furball and mistress! Lovely post, Bhavna, and gorgeous, gorgeous pics. You really have a great eye for picking the happiest blues 🙂

  5. Sangita Pillai

    Lovely post, Bhavana 🙂 Sending you lots of warmth and sunshine from our sunny Singapore!

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