The Water Bearers

From Coppre
I am so happy to announce the launch of yet another fabulous new collection from Coppre, called the Water Bearers! Beautifully hand crafted, by the metal craftsmen in Tambat Ali, a small settlement in Pune, this collection is as much a decor statement as it is utilitarian. And that’s not all! Traditional wellness wisdom talks of “Tamrajal” or “water ionized by copper” as having myriad health benefits. In ayurveda, water kept and had from copper vessels is known to be ‘rich in antioxidants, kill bacteria, regulate thyroid, cure arthiritis, heal wounds faster, stimulate brain activity, improve digestion and beat anemia‘. Phew! Something so pretty to look at and packed with such a punch! Drinking water just became way more cooler 🙂
The Water Bearer collection has Terracopper Jug, Terracopper Tumblr, Linear / Concave / Convex Tumblr, Bedside Carafe & Glass, Desktop Carafe and the Stepped Tray and you can shop for these and more from Coppre’s repertoire right here.
~ The GiveAway ~
Coppre loves An Indian Summer readers and has gifted lovely products earlier as well to a few lucky ones. We are back with a giveaway and this time Coppre would like to gift one reader, anywhere in the world, a Desktop Carafe. This desktop carafe is beautifully finished off with handbeaten indentations of the Tambat craftsman and can be used both as antimicrobial packed drinking water vessel or as a flower vase.
~  How To Participate ~
1. Hop on to Coppre’s website
2. Scroll down and sign up for their newsletter to get the the first dibs on all their exciting new launches & offers
That’s it! 
Coppre will pick a winner from all the new subscribers who join their mailing list. The lucky (and henceforth very healthy) winner will be announced on facebook on Tuesday – May 5th!
Have a great weekend, folks! 
[All Images: Coppre. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

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  1. Wow, they are so cool. Subscribed, wish to win 😉

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