The Makings Of A Man Cave

The rooms that I am loving this week are being loved for a reason. Last week, one of my all time favorite persons asked me to style his new apartment and the brief that he gave me was that his home should feel like a ‘man cave’. Once I was done rolling my eyes and making apt comments, I got down to the task at hand and started putting together a visual board for him to tell me what he likes and doesn’t like. The decision to have this meeting over rounds of drinks, along with a bunch of I-too-have-a-say friends, didn’t help much and the draft design board that we all finally agreed upon in the wee hours of the morning is, well, only useful as drunk nostalgic memorabilia from un souvenir de soirée
But but, on a more serious note, I am absolutely loving putting together this man cave [that is, my version of a man cave] and thought I will share with you some spaces that met the approval of the neanderthal man. 


This one was a struggle, I admit. What worked in the room’s favor was that it’s from Amanda Peet’s home 🙂
I will tell you how the project goes as we progress. Meanwhile, my jungle lodge project is close to completion and I have been sharing sneak peeks over at Instagram. A full fledged shoot and coverage will come once this scorcher of a summer takes a breather and I go back there with my little camera. Wait for it!
[All Images: Brooklyn on Flickr

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