The House Of Wonders

Lamu and it’s many wonders. I keep going back to this little coastal town to take in the pristine beaches, the whitewashed homes and the quaint B&B’s and hotels. The one that caught my eye today is called Baytil Ajaib (House of Wonders), a beautifully restored 17th century Swahili house. I love the sense of calm that these rooms and spaces exude; the furniture and decor is just right and doesn’t overpower the senses. Read more about Baytil Ajaib’s restoration and ‘evolving’ architecture right here.
[All Images: Baytil Ajaib]


  1. Love the high-bed in the third picture.. 😉

  2. Thank you for this wonderful share Bhavana.. It was truly a Bliss!!!!

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