The House Of Things

The House of Things. What an evocative name! Conjures up visuals of a lovely rambling home, filled with treasures, finds and surprises. And that is exactly what this gorgeous new boutique store, creates for us, online. With an ever growing curated collection, The House Of Things is the new destination for eclectic & luxurious objet d’art. Housing one-off rare finds to limited edition collections from global designers and artisans, The House Of Things values the increasingly rare notion of individuality and uniqueness when it comes to the objects we bring in to add beauty and character to our homes.
The House Of Things is the creative brainchild of Astha Khetan. Astha started her work life at a London based digital media agency, and then returned to India to manage Unilever’s special projects. Her spirited love for handicrafts and penchant for travel inspired her to launch The House Of Things. The key team also includes Sabina Chopra, who brings in decades of experience as a mentor and brand consultant to India’s fashion & design industry, and, Manisha Prakash, who, after studying at Instituto Europeo di Design at Milan, has worked with numerous premier apparel & product designers in India. The team is passionate about quality, design and showcasing under-the-radar products and talents. Their combined efforts are very well reflected not just in the gallery of products they have put together but also the seamless experience of browsing & shopping online at The House Of Things.
What I also love about The House Of Things is the diverse & global nature of their collection. From fine furniture and resplendent paintings to exceptional curios, precious jewels, sculptures, antiquities, rugs, textiles and accessories – the curated marketplace brings under one roof select products from designers and brands like Jay Strongwater, Noelle Kadar, Taherally’s, Paul Bhosle, JewelCraftz, Andraab, Airdiem, Sunita Shekhwat, with many more in the pipeline.


Another unique offering from The House Of Things is personalized and individual attention to your needs by way of their Concierge service. Offering custom designing & production and curated sourcing , the concierge team at The House Of Things, also assists with the entire process of shipping, insurance and payments. They ship worldwide and pride themselves with impeccable attention to detail and efficiency when it comes to fulfilling a customer’s desire. 
The gorgeous products showcased in this post are but just a glimpse of the array that The House Of Things offers. Make sure to keep checking the following links to get updated with the latest in their treasure trunk:
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 Happy shopping!
[All Images: The House Of Things. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

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