The Forest Retreat House

I found The Forest Retreat House on Justin Chung‘s splendid photography site, and it fits the bill perfectly of what I would love to indulge in right now. Forest walking and forest staying, surrounded by nothing but the woods, the sound of a distant stream, the sweet fragrance of earth, and the kindly beings of wild. Yes, I would like to imagine the beasts of the wild to be much kinder than our species; must be the nostalgia of childhood books and fairy tales kicking in! Apart from the forest, I absolutely love the muted tones and clean lines of the feels just about right, in harmony with the nature outside. 

The retreat is owned by Lacy Phillips, the founder of Neural Manifestation. From the retreat’s site:

The Forest Retreat is a modern mecca for all things healing. The house is feng shui-ed to promote grounding, prosperity, and open the crown chakra, complete with charged crystals in their activated centers. This self guided retreat experience provides everything you need to strip away limitations and return to your most authentic self.

As its name implies, the Forest Retreat lies beneath the trees and away from civilization, allowing you to fully unplug. During your retreat experience, enjoy walking paths through the woods and streams, relax in the hammock, and enjoy multiple options for outdoor seating. Just outside of Yosemite, the picturesque views and clean, fresh air will heal your spirit and calm your mind.

{All Images: Justin Chung, The Forest Retreat House}

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