The fabric of life

I have been looking through textile collections in various museums for a personal project, and when I came across these exquisitely embroidered pieces at V&A, I just had to share them with you. I can not resist old, vintage fabric and get completely mesmerized by the skill that must have gone in to create that piece of art. I imagine the stories and the history associated with each piece of textile – the loom, the weaver, the embroider, the person who wore it, how it was used – it’s just fascinating to think of the memories that any piece of fabric holds. 
Tell me how you like some of my favorite picks and do browse through the entire online collection available at Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

[All images: From the textile collections at V&A]


  1. Tanya

    These are so beautiful. Oh, the craftsmanship! The V&A put out this lovely series of small books that highlight parts of their textiles collection. The book called V&A Pattern: Indian Florals makes me so happy every time I look at it 🙂 But, one of the best collections that I have seen is in the National Crafts Museum in Delhi. The Textiles Gallery there is fabulous – all of the work hung so that you can see front and back. Would love to go back some day and am very envious of those who are close by enough to visit more.

  2. These textiles deigns and color combination is so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful colors and patterns! I love these textiles…One of my favorite posts!

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