The cat that launched a post

I chanced upon the above pic on facebook, and couldn’t get my laptop’s mouse to move forward. While the mouse was transfixed by that fur ball, I ooh-aahed over the pretty little setup. I knew I HAD to see more of that cat, as well as more of this home. I dashed off an email to the mistress of both, Chondamma Cariappa, the uber creative brain behind Sole Sisters, and over a couple of weeks, as we exchanged cat stories and pictures, she put together a tour of her lovely eclectic pad for us.
Chondamma is  a Creative Director with Bates Advertising in Bombay. Originally from Coorg, she has travelled all over India along with her dad who was in the army. She is now a resident of Bombay since the last eight years.
~ Chondamma on The Sole Sisters ~

“The Sole Sisters was inspired by an album I have on facebook called ‘fetish’. Each time I travelled, I put up pictures of shoes I bought from various parts of the world. This led to discussions and comments from friends, and I decided to create a larger platform – The Sole Sisters, a blog dedicated to women who love shoes!”

~ Chondamma on her style and home space ~

” My style is constantly changing and evolving. But, more often than not, Pop Art is something I draw my inspiration from. I absolutely love bright colors and graphics. And I have been tripping on print on print/mixed patterns for a while now.

When I sat down to design the current space, one things was pre-decided. Limited budget. I reused and reupholstered old furniture in interesting paints and fabrics. And threw in more colors and patterns in the form of cushions. Random patterns and colors came in together and started co-existing nicely. All things random is what I would like to call it.”

And finally, the cats!
” Bubbu, the fur ball was abandoned a few years back. I was looking to adopt a cat around that time, and that’s how Bubbu came into my life. He is one of the best things that has happened to me. He is gentle, never complains and is the most easy going baby. Recently I got him a live toy. His baby sister is Kikki, and she bullies him crazy!”
Hello Kikki! And, this is how your brother Bubbu launched a post 🙂
Thanks C, for sharing your warm casa and your purr babies with us!
Oh, before you folks leave,  a quick announcement
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[All pics: Chondamma, Meera and Purvi. Sole Sisters on facebook. Creative story boarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. Chondamma, Really cool wall art ideas. Very creative and unique. I love Chairs, Sofa collection too.

  2. The wall looks SO beautiful!

  3. Grt post

  4. LG

    Just noticed that the house owner loves shoes 🙂 Beautiful post and house 🙂

  5. Loved the interiors. Flower cushions were my favorite though!

  6. I just looking at those wonderful pics you post…And that blog header is too awesome…

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