The Burrows, and Hello!

It’s been a long long long time…how could I have ever lost you? It’s only apt that I re-emerge from the quarantine/hibernation/isolation/woods/funk/cave with a song to serenade you, with the hope that you are still out there, looking for and finding moments of beauty, calm and joy, along with whatever this year of continued uncertainty brings to our lives. I have been riding the low and the high tides of the year; each wave with the fervent prayer that let everyone be safe. I hope, collectively, we are past the worst, and with cautious steps and hope in our hearts, we can get back to the better things in life.       

In the quieter moments of the last few months, I found solace and happiness in exploring and finding exceptional places and spaces, and was enamored by the beauty of homes that are cocooned in the ever-breathtaking expanse of nature. One such home I fell in love with is Bek and Paul’s 1860’s stone cottage in Swansea, Tasmania. The Burrows has been sensitively restored over the years, and the rugged coastal landscape provides the perfect backdrop to the elegantly done up eclectic interiors. Every corner of this charming home [also on Air BnB] exudes warmth and organic luxury. The distinctive interiors are as captivating as the stunning outdoors.

For the ones lucky enough to be travel ready in the current times, the beauty and comfort of this splendid cottage is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. It’s going straight to my travel wish-list, for when my nook of the world becomes safe again and travel opens up for us.

Explore more of The Burrows on Instagram and on Air BnB

I will see you again real soon, my dear folks! Gentle (cat & mountain) woman’s promise!

[All Images: The Burrows]

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