The Brilliance Of Olaf Hajek

I can not take my eyes away from these color saturated, idiosyncratic, beautifully detailed, brilliant visual gems! Each art work is like exploring a rich story; there are bold and bright characters that immediately strike the eye, and then little nuances and details that draw you in. The fact that Olaf’s work has a clear India influence, makes his art all the more intriguing. The yogis, the elephants, the jewelry and ornamentation, the use of mythology and folklore, oriental motifs – all put together in such a distinct and unusual manner! 
Olaf Hajek, born in Germany, is a celebrated illustrator and artist. Splitting his time between Berlin, London and New York, Olaf has worked with many well known publications, brands and designers. His work has been used across books, newspapers, advertising, fashion, editorials and interesting creative projects like commissioned wallpaper for 25Hours Hotel in Vienna. His home was recently featured on The Selby, a surprisingly pristine and sparse abode for a man whose work is so color and detail rich.
I am on the look out for places where you can get prints of Olaf’s work. Let me know if you know of any, and I will update this post when I find any. Till then, luxuriate in Olaf’s lavish pieces right here.

Update: You can find Olaf’s prints here. Thanks M! 🙂

[All Images: Olaf Hajek. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. Hi Bhavna,
    here you go –
    and you can scroll down to find more his works (books, artworks, posters etc..) hope this helps.

  2. Fabulous images! Lovely, expressive and bold!

  3. Absolutely stunning imagery and colours! It's a visual delight – would love to own one of them. I look forward to your post update about their availability in India 🙂

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