Take my breath away ~

There are times when you wonder – ‘what is more breathtaking? The man made structure or the environ in which it has been built?’ I wasn’t able to answer this question when I saw Mads Mogensen’s work for the very first time. Am still debating it!




Mads is a Danish photographer and I chanced upon his work while researching on a home built on a mountain in St. Martin am Kofler village in the Venosta valley (first image below). Though I wasn’t able to find more info or images from the mountain home, I found some other superlative architectural and interior images…

I wonder, do you ever step inside the house if you stay at a place like this?




Stone and water…





Simplicity. Raw concrete, stone and fabric, and a black cat!

Where does the sea end and the house begin?



And suddenly, civilization as we know it…




This is almost gentle!

Stairs to…?



Who can live without this color?

As in a summary, leaving you with image which will again take your breath away…


P.S: Does anyone know who is the architect for these homes?


  1. Namesake

    Stunning pics, escpecially the last one.Wish we had such places with perfect combination of nature’s glory and architectural brilliance somewhere close home.One of your best posts.

  2. I’m amazed at the amount of effort you’re being able to put into your blog! It really shows too, because this is great stuff:-)

  3. Anonymous

    If you find the time, do watch Amazing Homes on Travel & Living. Don;t know the exact day and time tho’. They talk about homes in the US which have been made out of pure love for nature.

    I love the last pic – no boundries kinda approach.

  4. very nice post..love all the images especially the yellow stairs pic…

  5. i love the pink striped room! so PRETTY!

  6. oh i’m loving the first photo! So peaceful!

  7. thanks vineeta! do drop by again 🙂

  8. oh my god. this is too much eyecandy to handle! im really glad i chanced upon yr blog. very good stuff 🙂

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