Take a deep breath and…

Be Calm.

I need to do some deep breathing
and, Relax.As I frantically try to set up everything for the bazaar
New bottlenecks come up
While my explorer runs some god forsaken thing called active scripts
and nicely jams up my internet
If I had my way
I would turn all the red tape in the world to green tape
Don’t know if that would help too much
But at least it would be green…
…and eco friendly

Totally random. I know.
This burst of randomness happens
when I am very happy
or very stressed
What calms me
looking at images like these
Coz, I too have white couches
And through these images
I appreciate their future potential

Where am I headed
If I feel calm
By looking at nicely done interiors




Wherever it is
The one consolation I have is
That at the least, the place would be
Aesthetically pleasing

[some of my favorite images from Marie Claire]


  1. Oh, thanks a bunch Barb! 🙂

  2. Hey there Bhavna, thought I’d pay you a little visit. Superb blog, you ladies really know your interior design. Can’t wait to see more & good luck with the Bazaar, hope it does brilliantly.


  3. I’m sending you calm and peaceful thoughts! It’s a big undertaking, but it will all get done and it will be fabulous!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the blog Tanima
    :-)! I so understand your shopping predicament…the same happened to me the last time I was in the US!
    Hope you like the stuff I put up in the bazaar 🙂

  5. I am overwhelmed!

    Bronwyn, Arch, Linda: I can’t tell you how good it feels to get your wishes and support! Thanks a bunch!

    Linda: Your online store is a model for me…I love the simplistic design and ease of navigation. Right now, I am doing a very very basic online thingie, but hopefully, based on the response, will ultimately plan for a proper site. Will turn to you for advice 🙂

  6. Dear Bhavna,
    Setting up an online shop is no picnic, fabulous way to go prematurely gray!! Whenever I thought I was ready to activate the shop a new problem arose..all part of the big adventure, I guess! Take your own advice, it’s good…relax and breathe.
    Can’t wait to see your bazaar, I am sure it is going to be amazing! Thank you for the daily dose of color!

  7. I am sure it must be a stressful time for you…don’t worry, be happy:-)

    All the very best!

  8. I’m so excited! I was looking for a contempory indian design blog and stumbled on your blog today. I just spent the whole day reading the entire blog from the begining (I have a boring desk job…lol).
    Loved everything!

    I’m a Canadian born Bengali girl, and just went to India for the first time this summer. I’m redecorating my house and needed some inspiration and definately found it here. Thank you so much!

    I miss all the interiors I saw in India and been trying to bring some of those touches into my home!

    I’m excited to continue reading your blog!Thanks for creating it!

    I can’t wait for your Bazaar to open! My suitcases were so full by the end of my trip I wasn’t able to buy any of the house accesories I had planned on buying.

  9. Mmmm..beautiful. Love all the bright colour and pattern against the white/cream. Best of luck for the Bazaar, sorry about the hiccups:( I can’t wait to see and find out more!

  10. Vini, Pachchai – you girls are the best! Thanks a bunch for your support! Hugs

    Hey Jenn – love your new site! Congrats 🙂

  11. looks so comfy and cozy!!!
    i feel at calm just looking at them. great images 🙂

    btw – the new blog is this one now. come check me out!

    jenn lee~

  12. I agree with vineeta… love the second image those silk pillows are so groovy… waiting with bated breath for the bazaar.. good luck with it… I remind myself intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai:)

  13. White couches! You are a brave girl I must say 🙂 But those images are to DIEEE for! Especially the 2nd one! And all the best baby! Dont worry- It will all turn out fine & you will forget you were ever stressed 🙂 Its just the matter of some time. All the best! 🙂

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