Swinging away…

Yesterday, the northern parts of India celebrated the festival of Teej. It’s a day when women dress up in bright colors and finery, apply henna on their hands, sing and dance with other women. The other tradition of Teej is that women get together to enjoy on swings! The idea is to swing in an open area or garden, and sing as it rains (since this is the monsoon season in North India and supposed to rain each day!)

Obviously, above is the more traditional way of celebrating Teej. All these traditions still must be followed in villages and possibly smaller towns and traditional families. For urban working women, I guess the best bet is getting one of these at our homes 😉

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  1. Oh! Indoor swings! I must tell my readers about this as a follow up to my outdoor swing post…these are beautiful! (I will link back here if I mention it, you post is so fun!)

    What a wonderful tradition.


  2. I was thinking of you Jenn when posting this…Swings and Jenn are never far apart 🙂

  3. that first image just captured my heart. gorgeous!


  4. i love the silver one!!!

  5. Thank you all for such lovely comments! It is definitely a fun tradition to follow – great opportunity for girl bonding and valid reason to dress up 🙂

    And yes, my favorite one is the silver one too! This swing is in one of the heritage palaces in India

  6. What a beautiful celebration – I would so
    enjoy that!

    And those beautiful swings – that
    silvered one is incredibly ornate –
    love the light beaming in behind it –
    would love to curl up there with chai and
    a book…


    I love India so:)

  7. Bhavna
    You are still our little Princes.

  8. Those swings are so ornate and gorgeous – and what a fun tradition to follow.

  9. What fun swings…so much detail! I guess it’s the kid in my that would love to have a swing somewhere in my house 🙂


  10. Can’t believe you actually wrote about swings right smack on the same day I wanted to. I was sourcing for photos to blog abt it today and only now I saw yours and I thought wow! You thought about the same thing…but you bit me to it. Great post. I will safe mine for another day….

  11. These are so beautiful and what a lovely tradition!

  12. There are certain communities in India that just pop into my mind the minute I see swings- one in the gujaratis- Even in a space starved city like mumbai- a self respecting gujarati household MUST have a swing in the living room. Beautiful images, bhavna 🙂

  13. 🙂 …have these memories from my childhood – It used to be such good fun to dress up, apply mehndi, and be treated like little princess!

  14. Lovely post..
    Having spent a considerable amount of time in North India..the images of women applying ‘mehandi’, adorning themselves & swinging on swings with long ropes is so fresh in my mind 🙂

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