Sun Lover

It’s that time of the year again when all I want to do is to curl up and soak in the mild winter sun, moving from room to room with the moving sunlight. I love to feel the sun on my back as I tap away on my laptop and the feel of a warmed up wooden floor as I walk around in my winter-but-not-so-winter-yet socks. While peak winters make me long for the lightness of spring, this time of the year, just the very beginning of that chill and nip, is perfect.

So if you were to ask where I am, you will find me in one of these rooms…

…the only thing missing from these rooms (and my life) is an equally sunned up cat. Please to oblige by photo-shopping yours in your favorite room and email the pic to me 🙂

{Images: 1, 2, 3, 4,5}


  1. Lelle Taffyn

    The light is so wonderful in these photos – the light and shadow and the longing to capture the sun -(as I too long) is just so wonderfully warm and reminds me of a luscious peach – !! laughing

  2. Lelle Taffyn

    Oh what glorious photos – I love it when the sun plays with the huge trees outside my apartment and I have such dappled light in my living area – or just the last slants of the sun on my wall and paintings! Alas – I have no cat to send to you – blessings – Lelle

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