Summer Readiness

The days of walking barefoot are upon us again, my good folks. Gone are the warm rugs and the cozy throws, the deep colors and those heady woody incenses. As I hurriedly spring clean my home, summer already has one foot in the door, like an impatient cat. This post is an attempt to try and distract summer, with a light and breezy home in Bali, named Villa Arjuna.

Villa Arjuna is the Air B&B property of Lena Catterick and her partner Carlo Letiva. Lena is the creator founder of Yoli + Otis, a lifestyle brand that was inspired by Lena’s discovery of an organic cotton farm in Gujarat, India. Her passion for simplicity and organic, natural living is evident in the way she has designed Villa Arjuna.

With this lovely tour, I think NOW we are ready for summer!

[All Images: Villa Arjuna]


  1. So bright and airy. Just loved the decor.

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