Stylistically Speaking

This is that.
That what’s making
My finger pause on the mouse pad
My eyes go a little wide
My lips turn up in a smile
 And my heart sigh
These spaces are singing to me 
Stylistically speaking
It’s a jumble of styles, I know. Accurately reflects my state of mind – I am thinking, doing, exploring too many disparate things at the same time. The year has so far been such a mad specimen of what a year could be and I am scrambling to find a pause button, to get a moment or two to catch my breath and reset my internal GPS. Does this year feel that way to you too? Tell me, so we can wag a finger at 2016 together, for making us run so fast.
[Images: Don’t kill me internet, but I lost the sources of the images! Credits saved on a doc, the doc seems to have disappeared in some deep crevice of my hard disk and here I am, without the rightful credits. Tch.
Primarily sourced from the tumblr blogs I love and Pinterest] 

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  1. Oh, can I just go curl up in that last picture and read all afternoon?!?!

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