1. wow! this is my land of dreams,land of bright colors…

  2. Pretty pretty!!! & what a fun playful idea- especially loved the last image. Beautiful! I must be loving these travel pics cause Im JUST DYING to get out with my backpack!

  3. Yes, the blue one is gorgeous Katie!

    Tara – When I saw these, I got reminded of nice summer evenings..:)

  4. These are stunning for a warm climate.

  5. These photos are all so pretty! I love the blue sheer. 🙂

  6. yes, i woudn’t want that Jenn!..so please, don’t try this at home..even with adult supervision 😉

  7. only if you live in a warm climate!
    if i had those in my house here in Toronto, i’d freeze to death in the winters. haha.


  8. Absolutely Smita! Should we both try and then share how it turns out?

  9. Very good idea Bhavna – maybe we can try making that ourselves? using strips of clothes or ribbons?

  10. Glad to know we like the same things Robyn! 😉

  11. Bhavna~ colorful post, love it! I wish I had known you posted the pink house I would have referenced your blog, which I love and try to read every day!

  12. Ah Tibet! Amber, its one of the most beautiful places on earth! Thanks for the hint – will check out The Company Store 🙂

    ;-)…Annie, these ‘curtains’ would probably mean a furtrated cat or two who treid climbing up the cutain but couldn’t!

    All yours Roma! 🙂

  13. Give me this too-the 1st one-anyday!

  14. Love it too–until I saw the cat comment. Very good point! Still love it anyway.


  15. I love those Tibetan prayer flags! If that view doesn’t make your spirit soar, what would? Thank you!

    The Company Store.com used to have a shower curtain made of strips (they might still). I always admired it in the catalog!

  16. Ha Ha…or maybe now the cat owners can now say that their shredded curtains are by design 😉

    Thanks for dropping by Selya! Hope to *hear* from you again

  17. Beautiful idea! But not for cats owner:)

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