Stockholm Syndrome..

…this is not
‘Tis actually true love for India
That has captivated
Elina Lethimäki’s heart
Get a glimpse of Elina’s interpretation of India
In her new turquoise apartment in Stockholm  
[Image copyright: Mixr. Link Reference: Purple Area]

[P.S: I have had laptop trouble past few days, and won’t be back on my regular laptop before the end of day tomorrow. If you have written to me, but haven’t heard back…Patience, My Child, Patience. I’ll get to my emails, hopefully, before the end of this week]


  1. Christine, the fabric 'banner' is typically known as 'Toran'. It is handmade in the states of Gujrat or Rajasthan in India. The primary work done is of embroidery and mirror work, and sometimes applique.

  2. Perusing the archives, I ran across this post: I particularly like the textile she has used across the top of the windows. Do you know what this is called? I'd like to use some over two large windows in my home.

  3. Simrin Sachdev

    OMG…i love what shes done wit her palce…>! can imagine myself living in that plz…:-) amazing use of colour and indian touches…!

  4. Adore this dwelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    trully beautiful. Great balance between trends and great optimization of the space. Kudos!!!!!
    Patricia from Argentina.

  6. Beautiful colours, rooms and pictures !! I love this style !!

  7. I just love the second image of all the white background with pops of color.

  8. lovely colors

  9. Truly my dream home – combination of Sweden and India – my favourite design inspirations.

  10. Wau,i really love this mixed style…specially the colours!!

  11. the photos look lush and lovely. Nice space you got here.

  12. Such a gorgeous home…I love the shades of blue..Stockholm Syndrome? There's nothing forgettable about this space:)

  13. i'm so glad to have stumbled onto your blog! i'm preparing to move to india for 1 year this fall for a work/volunteer placement and have been on the look out for design/decor blogs focusing on india – i'll definitely be back to read more!

  14. Hi Bhavna,
    That is a wow… woow … find … all that color is beautiful.I think all that shabby chic is beginning to rub off on me a wee bit … 🙂

  15. fabulous…i absolutely love this !

  16. Just stunning! I especially love the turquoise cabinet in the last shot…

  17. I love her home! And I have dreamt of visiting her shop. Can you imagine when I finally were in Stochkholm and found the shop it hade closed 20 minutes earlier. I have to give it another try

  18. A lovely, light use of color.

  19. Wow…this is stunning! Where do you find these..amzing colors and a gorgeous home. I am hosting a jewelry giveaway on my blog. Would love to see you there!

  20. carla fox

    Gorgeous! Love the turquoise and love the Indian influence. Thanks!

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