And stunned
By the beauty and immenseness
Of the Ladakh landscape
By the unforgettable moments and experiences
On this trip to the Land of Lamas
I’ll be back with you
Very soon
For I did miss you
And wished
That you were there with me
To watch the sun rise
To listen to the music in the breeze
To feel the chill in the wind
To chant with the monks
In the mighty Himalayas
I’ll be back
Just a couple days more
Pretty please?
[Listen to a new favorite Buddhist prayer]
Hope you peeps have been happy, shiny and chirpy all these days? I have a bunch of exciting stuff lined up – home tours, new designs and designers, a couple giveaways and of course, pretteh rooms! Come back soon, ya all – good times ahead on the blog!


  1. these images are so so beautiful

  2. hi bhavana

    thanks for the info…will file this because we are thinking of a holiday here sometime:)


  3. Sorry to hear that it was such a bummer. 🙁 But also glad to hear that you we enthralled by the beauty of the place!

  4. I went last month to Ladakh from Make My Trip, and the experience was truly amazing! From the stay to the private vehicles they had allotted to every family for travel, we couldn't have asked for more:)Wish we had a word earlier about this!

  5. Wonderful scenes…

  6. oh my!!! looks so lovely…can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  7. Glad to see ur post and info regarding Connect with Himalaya will beware!:)

  8. I stopped reading at GiveAways! I think I am calling off my Lataji style "series declare" giving young people a shot. So if there are any early bird giveaways? IM FIRST IN THE QUEUE.

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