Some one has been…

…sleeping on the Joblog!Hasn’t replied to all those nice people who have sent nicer emailsHasn’t done a blog post in a long timeTch tch!


That Someone Is thanking all those wonderful peoplewho wrote to herwho kept visiting her blogwho left her lovely noteswho joined the Indian Summer gang (lookie – widget thingie on the left!)While that some one was slee….ahem,…rejuvenating.zzzzzzzAnd, just to let you knowI have had a little chat with That SomeoneAnd in another couple of daysAll emails will be answeredAnd a gorgeous post will be ready for all of you gorgeous readers!
[Super cute photo from gardenhoe @ flickr]


  1. Coming to your BLOG, I feel a good start!

  2. I can understand. I wouldn’t have had the heart to push that cutie cat from the laptop 🙂

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  4. such a cutie…i love cats!

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