1. What a wonderful pics……looks awesome……..

  2. This is a beautiful post – the pics are inspirational!

    The Design Fairy

  3. I dont because here in Sweden everything is black and white right now and grey weather haha

    But I really like your blog..great pics and som much inspiration. I wish you a lovely weekend
    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  4. Love your Blog so much so inspiring! Greeting from a French girl living in Southern California!
    A bientot

  5. i like how pure white makes everything. it brings so much peace to a room

  6. Wao fab clicks..and the color combination looks stunning.

  7. I LOVE BLACK n White theme….
    They always seem so pure and posh!! 🙂
    LOVE LOVE all the picsss..!!

  8. Beautiful, love me a little monochrome home! Thank you for sharing!


  10. Yes I'm loving the black and white combo too! Refreshing.

  11. Love it! And am a great fan of your blog-it´s really colorful and inspiring:) Have a great day!

  12. Such a lovely post-I love black and white. Also, it's nice that you put in pictures from my home country:) I linked you in my own blog:)

  13. 4 th pic nd the attic room,..:) my fav,,

  14. I bumped into ur site 2 days back and I am completely smitten. I have been browsing and browsing it since last 2 days. The photographs are heavenly!! Finally a site which is quelling my Indian taste well. Great gng girl!! And yes nice to know u r from NCR too 🙂

  15. So Beautiful and aesthetic… Love these colours also…

  16. I most certainly do now! Those images are absolutely stunning! I used to study interior design, and it still never occurred to me how beautiful a simple black and white combo could be. Thanks for sharing this and have a great weekend 🙂 x Melissa

  17. Oh man…I wish i had more than one window in my room. I totally want to do a all white room.

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