’s fabulous giveaway!

A week that ends with a giveaway,
Ends well!, the e-world for all things bright and beautiful, has teamed up with An Indian Summer to giveaway a lovely little basket of gifts. One lucky lucky reader could win all the gorgeous products shown above! The gift basket contains: a set of three lacquer boxes from Varnam, a set of festive fabric envelopes from Anek Designs, and a set of four coasters from Little One’s Doodles
All you need to do:
Click right here and leave a comment on facebook 
(you should be logged onto facebook to be able to do so)
Leave a comment on this post
Krithika from and I would announce the winner after a week, i.e on April 20th, on An Indian Summer’s facebook page and’s facebook page. The giveaway is open for delivery within India. So, even if you are not in India, but have an address in India where could ship the gift in case you win, go right ahead and comment away!  
Have a great weekend folks!

Update: And the winner of all this gorgeousness is Aneela Z!
Aneela – Congratulations! The bullet points so did their job :).
Please to email me your address and phone number pronto, and I’ll connect you with Krithika.


  1. Wow great post!
    Indian giveaways are a rare thing!
    Glad to see this
    And, amazing work!

  2. Oh Gawd Oh Gawd Sniff Sniff I would like to thank the Academy, Teresa, Rani C, GOD, my mother, my son DON'T CUE IN THE MUSIC YET my high school teacher …..

  3. I checked out this website a little late. but I definitely keep checking this in future. It is really cool and their stuff are great.

  4. Thanks for the Giveaway. Hope to win.

    Email Id:-

  5. Vibrant. Perfect for 'An Indian Summer'..!

  6. Anonymous

    Awesome goodies! thanks for the giveaway!


  7. Anonymous

    Lovely items in the giveaway … esp., the coasters 🙂


  8. Niyati

    I am new here , and love what I see in your blog. Great taste.

    I'm in for the giveaway goodies.

  9. Hey..

    I am a relatively new reader of your blog.. but you are listed on my blog.

    Thanks for a sweet giveaway. I hope I win.

    my email id –

  10. what lovely goodies. i'm in! thank you 🙂

  11. Love these, especially the fabric envelopes

  12. Love your blog!! Hope I win!

  13. aaaaaaaa, what a lovely shop! thank you for sharing <3

  14. Hi,
    thanks for hosting the giveaway..
    i would love to win it for :
    1) The pretty envelopes would mean i can compensate by gifting lesser money :_)
    2) The expressions on the coasters would suggest ways to talk when i run out of words:)
    3)and the boxes would always remind me of having won this giveaway;-)

  15. Great blog! Hope I m the lucky one… 🙂

  16. Deepa Aunty invited me to attend this giveaway. And i really could not resist to participate for such an attractive gifts basket.
    Loved reading n going through all the above links of ur blog n seeing the pictures just left me with a broader smile on my face. Amazing clicks…that took me to a journey of another world seen only in dreams. hanks for turning someone's dreams into reality 🙂

  17. Long-time reader, I finally de-lurk 🙂

    Beautiful blog!

  18. Gorgeous! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  19. the lacquer-ware boxes are to hold your haldi-kumkum-vibhuti in your pooja room 🙂

  20. The lacquer boxes look so lovely!

  21. What lovely giveaways from shopo! Am entering my yay here

  22. my daughter introduced me to your blog and apartment therapy, making a beautiful home is a dream and getting help to fulfill your dreams is a bliss. and i get all the inspiration and help reading both yours and apartment therapy posts.

    also love your giveaways as this way you are helping us making our home more beautiful

    from a new fan of your facebook page 🙂

  23. dhivya

    Even though I dont knw what I'll use them for, I juz wanna win them, Because, every product from shopo 're awesome <3 like me!! <3 🙂

  24. It's my Birthday today. Hope to get lucky and receive these beautiful gifts from Shopo and An Indian Summer 🙂

  25. Sangita Pillai

    Beautiful, colourful, artistic. what more could you ask for!!!

  26. Count me in….lovely Giveaway. Hope you are feeling better.

  27. Loving the vibrant colours for all these products. Simple yet speaks volume for themselves. Could be used to add that spot of colour you need to brighten a corner. Me Like 🙂

  28. RSinha

    Great Giveaway. Thank you!

  29. GB

    Oh Yum! count me in–hope you're doing better now, Bhavna!

  30. Luved all of them,such cute stuff,..:)

  31. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Would love to win!!!

  32. The coasters are really cute!

  33. Love the colors and paisley designs.

  34. Anonymous

    I'm in Canada but love your blog and these goodies. I will give up my chance to Aneela!

  35. Meenakshi sundar

    Indian Summer is my 'FIRST' design inspiration in the blogosphere!!Am totally fascinated by its beautiful content and the lovely lady hosting it!!Thanks for a great Giveaway…shopo is my ultimate shopping destination!!!!

  36. I too think Aneela.Z should get this, for she has stated her case incredibly well!!
    Hehee……lovely weekend to all

  37. I SHOULD get this.
    1)For I am the early bird, and I am tired of worms and need something less aesthetically challenged
    2) I am toilet training my boy and he should not be the only one to be rewarded for good behaviour.
    3) I comment in dot points. Such obsessive compulsive attention to detail means that your giveaway will have a good home and will be well looked after
    5) I live in Delhi and cannot go out after 8pm. I need something pretty to look at to pacify the curbs on my social mobility

  38. Wow! thanks for the giveaway. I have always loved what Shopo has to offer, all the time. Anek designs is my fav!

  39. Anonymous

    Hey!! was searching for something and ended up discovering your's very lovely..Anyway, am glad that you are home..bhalo theko

  40. wooooooow

    thanks for the cute giveaway 🙂
    good to know that it is for indian residents 🙂

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