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I love it when readers share with me what they think I will love and what other readers might love. With so much love in the first sentence of the post itself, you must have gotten an idea of how happy I was when Elise, a long time reader, shared Shivani Dogra‘s work with me. As I browsed through her portfolio, I marveled at the range of her design aesthetics and the brilliant styling. Her creative use of textiles and colors seem to bring new life to spaces, as is also very evident by some of the before afters showcased on her website. 
Shivani and I connected, and she shared her portfolio of work and her story with me. Over to Shivani now, as she takes us through her journey so far, in the world of beautiful interiors…
I left my first job
in the film industry in Mumbai to take a break and stay with family in Delhi
hoping to return shortly. That never happened and I soon found myself in a new
job in Delhi, and in a small 1 room set with, a large, shady Jamun tree just beyond the window by my bed and
masses of vibrant bougainvillea – something I could work with; even it wasn’t
in the best shape inside. I worked on these rooms in fits and starts. I’d pick
up artifacts from old markets around the country on my travels for work, reuse
old bedspreads to upholster chairs, paint the walls and doors in colors I
loved, till it became a space that I loved coming back to in the evening after
work. It wasn’t till one dull afternoon at work, however, when I decided to
start a blog about my room and how you could live quite well on a relatively
small budget that a new, unexpected career started to take shape. That amateur
blog opened new doors for me and I find myself deeply involved in a career I
My biggest influences and inspiration is color,
color, color. Present in abundance throughout this country, the creative use
of color is a constant source of inspiration for me. The varied shades of a
street vendor’s saree, a two-tone book jacket in a store window, bright
graffiti on a crumbling wall, intricate weaves dipped in natural dyes–the
sight of vivid colours uplifts and excites me, even when I’m stuck in traffic.

find it thrilling to encounter beauty in today’s built environment, amidst
concrete monotony. Despite the mad rush to grow and develop in India, beauty in
our lives and surroundings persists and that encourages me. I see examples of
this constantly– in a charming and quaint old home, with a sprawling veranda,
amid Mumbai’s high rises, in a uniquely preserved and a colorful old house
amid Amritsar’s bustle.

Old homes and gardens have long been a passion. This goes back to my
upbringing on the tea plantations of the South. The simple, elegant
bungalows  surrounded by flowering
gardens and orchards, were my first lesson in style. It was a lifestyle that
reflected warmth, simplicity, and a closeness to nature. I work to create those
qualities in every project I take on.


Whenever I begin
a new project, it’s important for me to wander a bit at first, exploring
the space’s environs, learning about those who will reside or work in it—their
stories, its story. Much like a good novel, the space becomes a world that I
inhabit for the length of a project and miss when it’s over. I immerse myself
in the design traditions and crafts of the area and source materials locally
whenever possible. I also work closely with the client to understand his or her
vision and interests. A space should reflect both the personality of its
inhabitants and the context in which it exists. I strive to bring these
together in my designs. I especially love creatively matching and
harmonizing the colors of a space’s interiors with the shades of its natural surroundings.


Shivani: Thank you for sharing your work and inspiration with us! Hope we get to see many more of your creative projects on An Indian Summer in the future!
[All images copyright: Shivani Dogra and An Indian Summer]


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  6. Meera

    Innovative and original designs by Shivani! Love all of them!

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  11. bini

    Elegant& Colorful… That's a rare treat…

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