Shivani Dogra

There are very few designers whose work I love unequivocally, and Shivani Dogra is one of them. I had shared her work way back in 2012 and when she shared her portfolio with me a few days back, I was again delighted by her range of absolutely stunning interiors. I love how she works with colors and textures. I love how she is at ease with modern linear aesthetics as well as a more elaborate and ornate decor style. I love the warmth and the sense of ‘home’ that each of the room styled by her exudes.

Today, I am sharing some of my favorites from her work portfolio over the years. Many of these interiors are been showcased for the first time via this post. Hope you enjoy and get inspired by these lovely spaces as much as I did.

In Shivani’s own words:

My team and I have worked around the country with traditional and modern architectural styles. These pictures are of work for offices, schools, guesthouses and residences. Though our clients are a diverse group, their common requirement is that design is functional, but meaningful. Some have wanted heirloom furniture to fit in better with a modern apartment or for offices to have more soul. While others such as expatriates, have needed help with quick settle into the city. The design scope has been varied, swinging between detailed alterations, careful restoration to quick surface makeovers.

No matter the client or the brief, the walk from the early stages of design to final decoration is usually long. It involves getting to know the space and the people that interact with it a deeper level. Much time is further spent on the research of indigenous art forms, natural textures and vernacular materials – elements that form the core of our style. This is followed by efforts to bring ideas to form. What eventually evolves from these processes, is a carefully translated piece of work – a combination of client aspirations and our intent to create depth and authenticity.


You can follow Shivani’s work on Instagram, Facebook and her website.

{All Images: Shivani Dogra. Creative story boarding: An Indian Summer}


  1. Yasmin Randhawa

    Love Shivani’s design sensibilities. Her rooms excude warmth and are very personal.

  2. Marie

    Relaxed and liveable. Very nice indeed.

    Ps So good to see you back to the blog 😊

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