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I so missed you! As I announced here a couple of weeks back, my laptop decided that it had had enough and called it a day. I was making it work while in Goa, for crashing out loud! With my new found bohemian hippy beach [read stoned] spirit, I took this rebellion in my stride, threw the minor-est of tantrums ever and simply ordered a spanking new laptop.  I am happy to let you know that the spanking new laptop is now in my possession and it has been configured & customized and prettified to my liking. Right now, as a friend and I sit on my deck, sipping oh-my-god-so-strong feni that I brought from a little village deep in a wildlife sactuary in South Goa, enjoying what possibly might be the last monsoon downpour for this year, I remember you. And when I remember you, I open this pretty blog of mine and dash off a post. My choice of decor is leaning towards rustic and colorful today, clearly influenced by the feni and the mood I am in right now 🙂   
And before we knew it, it’s Oct, my kittens! I am gradually finding my groove in this lovely sea side town. Which also means, that I am back at work in earnest, and gearing up for all the possibilities and joy it brings me. There is travel, creative collaborations, photo-shoots, media features, writing and designing projects ready to take off. And I will be sharing it all here. And there. Plus here. Speaking of travel, the aforementioned friend and I are ticking off a bucket list item this weekend and doing the enchanting train journey from Goa to Bombay. With the sea on one side and the hills on the other, this trip will be covered live on instagram and I will share more snippets on the blog next week. See you then! 

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  1. Oh my ! I want to live in such a nice room !

  2. Anonymous

    Hooray, you're back!

  3. Glad to "see" you again! Lovely colors today! Fun and fresh! How's about a peek at your new place?

    Happy October 1!


  4. Love these pictures. Going to incorporate some ideas into my home.

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