Serenity.. the hustle bustle of a busy city
I chanced upon Apartment 3 today while looking for service apartment recommendations for a friend visiting Delhi. And as I looked through their gallery, I was completely floored by the stylistic flair and warmth with which this apartment has been put together. White couches and walls offset by rich rugs and dhurries, greenery inside out, summery bamboo chiks, beautiful furniture pieces, crisp linen, creative definition of space…I could go on and on about all that I like in the apartment..

Apartment 3 is in Hauz Khas, an arty bohemian urban village in the heart of New Delhi. And as the apartment’s site tells us, Apartment 3 was created by an artist who has been painting at Studio Maya at the Village for a number of years. It took months and years for the artist to collect things for the apartment, things that had soul and things that gave comfort. The artist, Usha Hooda, whose art work lines the walls, has indeed created an oasis of comfort and style with an old world charm in the city.

Bougainvillea in full bloom in the adjacent deer park..
You can write to Apartment 3 at this email ID, and connect with them via their facebook group
[All images: Apartment 3]


  1. apartment3 is honoured to be featured on this lovely blog and delighted by all the compliments!thank you

  2. Lovely home with gorgeous decor!
    If it wasn't for all my family living in Delhi, I would've considered renting this place on my next India trip:)

  3. Anrosh! Long time! Yeah…it could be very tricky to maintain the carpets, unless, the home is airconditioned, which I believe, this one is. At my home, it's dhurries that come out in the summers and the carpets are out for the three months of Delhi winters.

  4. How does carpets on the floor and summer go together? I am trying to understand

  5. The bougainvillea photo is so lovely! Apartment 3 looks so enticing.

  6. I love the photo of the bougainvillea in the Deer Park! We tried so hard to find Hauz Khas Village when I was in Delhi in January but no one seemed to know what I was talking about! Shame – wanted to visit the Dear Park and the boutiques…

  7. Truly a stunning find… so much in a single space, amazing! Thanks for sharing B…Love the blog header BTW. 🙂 smile and also blog always…!!

  8. Lovely! Makes me rethink the whole white-wash look that I'm considering for my new house (see the inspiration pic over at The white furniture with dark wood highlights here are beautiful…

  9. one word – STUNNING! Love it.

  10. I love the look and feel of the place. It is just wonderful and so peaceful.


  11. What a lovely place. I really like the sink!

  12. Gorgeous, thank you for the images and link!

  13. I love the bedroom. The wall color (or is it wall paper !!)and the side table with the wicker chair seems so cozy.

  14. Now this is the type of place I'd love to live in if I lived there – beautiful!

  15. Lovely home… Especially love the wrought iron bench…!!

  16. love the way the space is defined by the rugs….great way to build a floor plan in a big room….

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