…is how these images are, and scattered is how my head is right now! There are things to do, calls to make, lists to be ticked off, but what to do, I left my heart in Ladakh. Sigh. I know, I know – the vacation is done and over with and the mountains are sadly some thousand miles away – yet they call out to me, the pesky giants! While I conspire on how to head back as soon as I can, I still think of you, my favorite peeps. And these images, though scattered, with no well thought of theme, are the ones that made me smile, and for a second, made me forget the call of the Himalayas. Good thing that pretty rooms can do such, and much more, for peeps like you and me 🙂  

[Images from various including tumblr, pinterest and here]


  1. Very inspiring spaces -so airy and peaceful

  2. Hello,

    This is a wonderfull place for holiday. I will love if I can stay here like one week. We have time for relax and appreciate all the places.

    Can I give you one suggestion I'm making some research and I find one really nice furniture, for change the chair in the room picture 8. I used in a lot of houses and is lovely and give some glamour to the space.

  3. Lovely shots!! The perfect place to call home!

    Cathy Trails

  4. Beautiful and calming places ……. Thanks for posting them 🙂

  5. Really amazing places!Love the beautiful photos!The second bedroom is my favorite!

  6. Sangita Pillai

    Beautiful, Bhavna: as usual.

  7. I Know, it's an amazing place, I can't wait to go trekking again in Nepal…..your holiday looked amazing.

    Sar x

  8. Thank you for these photos. While renting, I always grumbled about white walls…I longed to have my own place where I could add color to them. Now that I have my own place and have painted the walls (a light yellow with an orange accent wall), I realize, especially looking at your posts, that I rather like white walls!! 😀

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