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No-Mad and I go way back. I still remember my conversations with Valerie and Anuj, about this splendid creative idea and vision they had, and I have been waiting with bated breath for the launch of this vision, the lifestyle brand: No-Mad. The wait has been worth it’s while – No-Mad showcases, yet again, Valerie’s brilliance as a designer and Anuj’s enthusiasm as a creative entrepreneur. No-Mad products are quirky, they are contemporary, colorful and bright, elegant yet exuding a sense of comfort & familiarity. I can see the attention to design detail and the high standard of production quality from the images, and can’t wait to feel that fine fabric and trace the intricate embroidery in person.
The driving force behind the products at No-Mad is India. India and it’s culture, it’s day to day objects, how people interact with these objects. Valerie has brought in an interesting viewpoint – creating products that are quintessentially Indian in nature, but using design inspiration from outside; Morocco specifically for the current collection of Red and Black. That’s the reason why Valerie and Anuj like to call No-Mad, 97% Indian, with 3% (more or less :)) influence from outside India. Read more about their creative journey together right here.
With current collection of products ranging from pillow covers to bags, to poufs and ‘moodas’, specially formulated incense and candles, No-Mad is getting ready to launch a new color and more product lines. All products are shipped world wide and are available via No-Mad’s online store
I already have my favorites wishlisted and as expected, the list runs long! It has to be for where else can we find the brilliance from India and Morocco together? No-Mad has hit the nail on the head with it’s design philosophy and products. I am eagerly looking forward to what next the team at No-Mad conjures up!
Shop at No-Mad right here, and tell us what you love. 🙂
[Copyright – All Images: No-Mad. Creative storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. It’s really nice, My mom also makes all these home decor products at home. She makes bed sheets, cushion cover, teddy bear at home. After see these pics I am missing my mom and those things which she made.

  2. ooo i love this! such pretty colors! I've just done some decorating but in Goa it seems either Fab India OR touristy things… not much in between

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