Sapna’s Jewels!

Excuse me while I hyperventilate…
…for I love Sapna Mehra’s pretty jewels!
I just can’t pick and choose the ones that I like the best, because I like them all! I know, I know…the yada yada about not being greedy and all…but will you just look at these pretty little things?! How can I resist? Neither can you, once you look through the entire collection here and here! And ’tis being the time to give, Sapna and I have a fabulous giveaway and a generous discount offer just for you, coming up in the post!

As Sapna and I chatted over email, she graciously shared her story and inspiration with me. Reading through her journey, I could see how her passion, persistence and global experience has helped shape her beautiful collection. 

A snippet from Sapna’s journey, in her own words:
I grew up in suburban NJ.  My father was an engineer and also an amateur singer and musician and loved classical and semi-classical music and ghazals.  My mother was a graphic artist and had a studio in our home where she painted landscapes, and gods and goddesses in oils. I spent many summers of discovery and adventure in Jodhpur and Jaipur, my parent’s hometowns. Later, in college, I studied Comparative Literature and loved my courses on post-colonial theory, religions of the East, cinema studies and literature of India and the fantastic. 
I moved on to work for many small businesses in different capacities and had a stint as an assistant for a Madison Avenue gallery specializing in South and South East Asian antiquities. I was able to research countless works of art and came to build an understanding of iconography and symbolism in South Asian art.  I especially fell in love with the beauty and playful elegance of Indian miniatures and with the complexities of Buddhist iconography in Tibetan, Nepali, Cambodian and Indian sculptures.


Starting in late 2001, I spent months at a time in Jaipur, working with jewelry making artisans and tradesmen learning about gems, traditional jewelry making techniques and the intricacies of production. In 2007, I quietly launched myself as a designer with a clear vision to produce a collection that exemplified the skills of kundan and meena artist while creating designs that were meaningful and fit contemporary and cosmopolitan lifestyles. My hope is that when people wear my jewelry, they feel inspired, empowered and delight in a bit of rustic luxury. I love the idea of the global soul!

“The Giveaway”
Sapna would like to gift a necklace from her Asmi collection to one happy chirpy reader. What you need to do is:
  • Read up more about the Asmi range
  • Leave a comment on this post with: 
    • Your life path number (calculate here), or, the number of the Asmi necklace you would like to win, and
    • Tell us “What does being a global soul mean to you?

That’s it! Sapna and I will pick one winner based on the answer. Unfortunately, there are shipping restrictions that don’t allow Sapna to ship jewelry from the US to India, and hence, the giveaway is open only to readers outside of India (baaah! I am crying with you, girls!).

The contest is open for a week, and I’ll announce the winner by updating this post on Dec 21st. Make sure to come back and check if you are the lucky one! 
And more..
You can buy Sapna Mehra Jewelry from her etsy store or from her site. And for the rest of this month, get a 15% discount using the code AIS15.
Thank you Sapna! You and I will enjoy the lovely comments that come in over virtually shared glasses of mulled wine 🙂
[Credits & Links: Sapna Mehra Jewelry, Etsy Store, Connect on facebook, Tumblr blog]

~ Winner Update | Dec 21st, 2011 ~

Thank you so much for your beautiful comments! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your descriptions of a global soul.
Here’s what Sapna had to say about the comments, and, the one lucky winner!
I read through all the comments many times over and am overwhelmed with the inspiring, uplifting and thoughtful responses!

I want to say thank you to all the people who posted their comments – everyone one of them describes the global soul so beautifully…I will come back and read the comments any time I need some inspiration!
A comment that really resonated for me is from Laura Bourassa. I think Laura’s comment speaks to the intimate, universal human conditions, the things that connect us to each other, even as we celebrate our differences and diversity. That is ‘the web of life’.  We speak different languages, live on different continents and pursue different dreams, all on this same earth. We are all actively engaged in ‘the endless cycles’ and that’s what connects us. 

As we journey on our own individual paths, and face our own struggles, it’s comforting and encouraging to remember that there are so many others that are struggling, achieving, living and loving, just like you. No one is alone.  What a beautiful thought and I’m quite moved by it! 

Congratulations Laura
Please write to Sapna with your shipping address and, do let us know how you enjoy your Asmi necklace 🙂


  1. True love doesn't happen right away; it's an ever-growing process. It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed together. See the link below for more info.


  2. Anonymous

    Wow. What an amazing collection! I wish I can afford them all! 🙂

    If I win, I would like to receive the number 11. I am 1 and my best friend is 11. Does that mean something special? hehe

    To me, global soul means strength and karma. In order for a tree to survive, it needs water and sun of course but mostly strong roots. Without deep strong roots, it will eventually dwindle and die an early death. As we as human beings, it is important for us to build strong roots. Standing up for righteousness no matter where injustices occur in the world. Saving and sharing our global souls with one another. Share the right values with one another regardless of physical location.

    I also believe that karma plays a big role in global soul. You must believe in doing good, and try to comfort other people's souls. Just like the most basic meaning of karma, it is cause and effect. You must do good deeds to others to get others to also do good things.

  3. Being a global soul means for me that I have been a world traveller and made my home on three different continents, it means my husband is Thai while I am English, and my angel child is born of two cultures.

    It means I live in one place, work online in another, and am finely connected by a glittering web of friendship, love, and broadband internet to all the people across the entire world who mean something to me. I am infinitely grateful to be living in this age, where we can all be global souls.

    I am a number 6 – Blessings <3

  4. Anonymous

    my path is 4. i apreciated very much your work and energy. i 'd like to give a necklace to my wonderful wife,the 11, she's very sensitive, she's born 11.11. for me, a global soul is to make harmony win in diversity = all for all , all the time.
    carlos luppi

  5. global soul = uni(verse), different appearences and stories but all expressing one consciousness.
    global soul = life being nourished and dignified by each one of us.
    there are a lot of jewels but the gold is one.
    my life path is 3.
    i also fell identification with 11 and 2.
    beautiful work and life story! congratulations!

  6. What a wonderful gift and to know what my asmi number is thank you, I'm so excited about that actually.
    I would say that being a 'global soul' and also having the life path number of nine means for one to truly "strive to make the world a better place".
    If I were to win I would so like the asmi number 9 pendent.

  7. My Asmi is four. To me, being a global citizen means that I look for the similarities between people, not the differences.

  8. My life path number is 9.

    The jewellery is elegant and exquisite – thank you for sharing.

    A global soul is someone who has the ability to empathise with and understand those who are different from themselves and realise that in order to survive and grow we need to look beyond narrow local and national boundaries to transnational alliances and friendship!

  9. My life path is 7. Being a global soul means there are no boundaries. When one feels pain we all feel it and we all need to help each other.

  10. wow, what amazing jewellery! love the eccentricity of the pieces x

  11. My life path number is a 9 as is my partner and reading the details was very revealing as it does describe us….

    I have always loved the idea of a global soul embracing the differences of individuals and groups on our wonderful planet. We all share this small dot in the universe and our uniqueness should be celebrated.

  12. I love this jewerly! It's not only gorgeous but it is so unique and classy as well.

  13. My life path number is 6.
    Being a global soul means seeing, appreciating, and celebrating the beauty, diversity, creativity, and common experiences of humans all around the globe, in peace and compassion.

  14. my life path number is 2,being a global soul means to be a free spirit able to operate at will wherever one is located!

  15. Wow, what stunning jewelry! My life path number is 22, and I am personally touched that I share that number with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

    Like Ms. Mehra, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a student of the world, taking great interest in the cultures and arts from across the globe, and more particularly, how they intersect.

    To me, being a global soul is realizing two things. One, we are all of the same essence, and two, that essence knows not the limits of time. The soul with the charred stick drawing on the wall of the cave is the soul with the brush and the oils is the soul with the tablet laptop and software suite.

    I have a great vision I am trying to realize, and I will certainly be thinking of those twenty-two petals to help get me through. Thank you both for the generous opportunity and enjoyable prompt of thought!

  16. Looks like there are lots of us 7s who are inspired by Indian Summer and this gorgeous jewelry! Thank you for the introduction to Sapna. I think she'll be hearing from me!

    I love the idea of global soul, for to me it means taking your place as a citizen of the world, seeing the humanity we all share first and foremost, and welcoming the gifts of wisdom different cultures have to share.

  17. E.

    Hello! Looks like I'm the first number 2 to post .. I love my description "your knack for bringing out the best in people creates a powerful network of support around you." I am so lucky to have a global network of people to support and celebrate my recent birthday with me. To me, being a global soul means deriving your true joy from experiencing the world, learning about different cultures and traditions and connecting with people from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Global souls walk through life seeing the world, without boundaries, as a marvelous treasure to be explored, cherished and shared with all.

  18. Excellent work Sapna. Good to see u in action. Keep going.

    best wishes

  19. Philo Kumar

    Happy Greetings from Singapore! my life path number is 8. My interpretation of a 'global soul' is one who is connected with herself and all whom she meets, to recognise and honor oneness and divinity in each other.

  20. Sam

    My life path number is 9. For me, a global souls begins in the respect to the others, respecte nature… respect the mother earth.

  21. My life path number is 8 and I wish to have that necklace. For me global soul means "I am", believing in oneself, loving all the things nature has made and enjoy the life to fullest 🙂

  22. I am a number 8. I think a global soul is someone who knows who they are and who they have the potential to become. By knowing yourself I mean aware of their past and any baggage which needs to be let go. Therefore they can be unburdened in their journey into the future free of boundaries.

  23. Aastha

    Hello, my life path number is 1. Apparently, "ones dare to be different and most assuredly walk to the beat of their own drum!". I love that description of myself 🙂 I would be happy with just one necklace, but they are so pretty, I don't know which one!

    A global soul to me is something who understands that while our differences are what make us unique, we are, in essence, all part of one.

  24. Thank you so much for such a beautiful post, Bhavna. All the comments are so lovely and inspiring! I'm looking forward to reading them all and sharing a virtual glass of vino 😉 Cheers!

  25. My number is 8. Being a global soul means having the ability to step into someone else's shoes and seeing the world through their eyes, whether it is someone of a different ethnicity or religion or nationality. It means having respect for other people, even if you don't agree with them.

  26. My life path number is 5. To me being a global soul means to be in sync with the surroundings wherever you are in the world and that happens when you are in sync with your inner self.

  27. Hi Bhavna,

    This is a beautiful collection, thanks for sharing , itsn't is so strange that so many of us creative people here have the same Life Path number "7" . I have the same number as well "seven".The Asmi collection is beautiful but I really liked the flower petal collection they are unique..As far as global soul to me it means, adaptable to your surroundings wherever you are the same time retaining your identity ….Keep posting good stuff like this ,…for us design enthusiast,It's like sitiing near the fireplace in winters …getting all the warmth 🙂

    Take car e

  28. wow…my life path number is 9…and i'm the 9th comment..keeping my fingers crossed on this one. To me, a global soul is one who believes in forming a true connection with a person.

  29. Hello, my path life is 7. A global soul to me is a soul that exists as one with the universe and with other people, existing as beings of love towards people and nature (the universe), constantly emitting love and good vibes!

  30. Kelly at

    My life path number is 3. I really love the spirit of the design. All beings have a global soul/ a spirit/ an essence whether animinate or inanimate. A global soul is derived from the 'source', 'god', whatever you choose to call it. It is limitless and spans across all boundaries to connect everything together. Recognizing your global soul opens you to limitless love.

  31. First let me just say that I love discovering these new websites. You have a great choice

    My life path is 7 as well, And I really think that there is so much truth to the description given about 7.

    A Global soul for me is about being one with the universe, letting it fill the spaces inside you, while constantly finding your inner strength from the universe!

  32. ohh son unas joyas preciosas!!! Besos

  33. Archana

    My life path number is 4. And being a global soul means not letting geographical or societal boundaries limit our appreciation of beauty in life.

  34. Anonymous

    Exquisite work. My life path number is 7 and while I would always like more I would be content to win one ASMI necklace. Being a global soul mean being open to and enriched by the diversity that is encompassed by earth, sky and water. It means a soul engaged in the endless cycles of life, of love, of pain, of sorrow and joy. It is a soul connected fully to the web of life.

    Thank you for your gifts.

    Laura Bourassa

  35. Beautiful jewellery indeed! My life path number is 6. I believe a global soul is someone who is very proud of his/her roots and at the same time, is open and ready to embrace the variety and positivity of every culture h/she is exposed to…

  36. My life path number is 7, and I would love to win that necklace. As for being a global soul, to me it means loving all of humanity, no matter how differently we see the world.

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