1. This is a great place to live, but other than that it is glorgeous. I love the style.

    Paula M

  2. Crazy place.

  3. Ha ha ha…I have never had so many women 'fighting' over their claim on a house 😉

    But, isn't this place just the thing you need? I can so imagine walking here barefoot, a kitten or two running around, good music, good books close at hand…

  4. This house is so so so gorgeous.
    I would fight with tooth and nail to live in a house like that!

    Its so serene and calm, I can just imagine lying down in a summery cotton dress and reading a book there. 😀

  5. Lovely

  6. This is fantastic! I love every room! Can i sleep here for just 1 night?…beautiful post

  7. perfect – in every way

  8. wow, so exotic! I love all the saturated, warm colors. fabulous post!

  9. wow!!!! This is incredible! Every single pic is a fairy tale.. esp that dip pool in the middle of the house.. awesome!

  10. Wow!!! its one of a kind, amazing!looks so restful and relaxing place.love it!thanks for sharing..great post!!

  11. What an amazing place. Thanks for sharing this….

  12. Oh My God (you're right GB)!!! Speechless…I thought I had found my perfect dream house a few weeks ago in Colombia…even did a post on it, but now….I think I was wrong. THIS IS IT!!! Patty, this was mine in my last life…or maybe we were sisters living in this house???

  13. wow! this place looks heavenly… I bet you'd have to be relaxed all the time of you lived there!


  14. That is so beautiful I would love to live in a house this exotic!

  15. The colours are amazing…and perfect…and so me! love it….

  16. *sigh* I'm convinced I owned this place in my last birth… Its mine… its just mine 🙂

  17. I could be VERY happy there.

  18. I really am lost somewhere there … Hmmm … Hmmm …mmmm … kind of zoned out … 😉

  19. oh my… so beautiful! I'd like to live here.

  20. GB

    Oh.my.god.(this was one time the abrreviation wouldn't cut it!!!) Lovely!!!

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