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Wanderlust, travel, roads, bazaar, unique finds, indigenous crafts, beautiful objects, preservation of craft traditions – all these descriptive phrases, make a recurrent appearance on my blog. And anytime that I find another person, a group, a store, or a project sharing my passion for above, I can not wait to share my delight with you. RoadsWellTraveled, conceptualized and run by Minu Chawla and Sebastin Sager, is one such store that offers not just hand picked products, but also invites you to explore and discover little nooks and corners of the world. An online destination for the nomadic-at-heart connoisseur of world culture, artefacts and objects, RoadsWellTraveled takes pride not just in it’s curated collection but also in the mission of doing its bit to preserve dying art and craft in different parts of the world.
Another interesting aspect of of RoadsWellTraveled is their emphasis on art and not just the artisan. As Minu described in her email to me:
“There are enough NGOs and fair-trade organizations trying to provide the artisans with a sustainable livelihood. However not enough encourage them to do so by practicing the craft that they learnt from the forefathers. In the quest of making more functional, more marketable products, the original art/craft practice is rapidly dying. Through RoadsWellTraveled, we hope to honour the artisan traditions in their truest forms.”
The Museum is an integral and growing section of RoadsWellTraveled website, and this is the place where Minu and Sebastin document the history, tradition and stories behind the crafts they curate. The aim is to build awareness and preserve that what is original.
Both Minu and Sebastin come from a corporate background, and they gave up their jobs to follow their heart. Combining their love for travel, indigenous crafts and entrepreneurship, they founded RoadsWellTraveled in Berlin, a city that’s home to both of them.   
Step into the world of RoadsWellTraveled, and shop the bazaars Mesoamerica, Indus, Kalinga and Ceylon. They have exciting travel plans, and I can’t wait to see what new treasures they find in the bylanes of the world.
Connect with RoadsWellTraveled on facebook and get inspired by their beautiful boards on Pinterest.
[All images: RoadsWellTraveled. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. Wow!! What collection, what choice. True Colours of India. Love it!!!
    Thx, Preethi.

  2. Bhavna, many thanks, again! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Ambika. It is very reassuring to hear encouraging words such as yours. Gives us all the more reason to keep going!

    'doctoring in arts', thank you. It is a framed fabric, indeed. A vintage 'chakla' from Saurashtra. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! 🙂

    – Minu

  4. wow these look great.. I especially like the first picture with framed fabric is it? can really bring life in a room

  5. So resonates with me, wow, "love for travel, indigenous crafts and entrepreneurship". Love what the couple is upto, more power to them! Thanks for sharing this Bhavna

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